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Whodunnit? was a murder mystery reality competition television series broadcast on ABC . The series premiered on June 23, 2013 and ended on August 18, 2013 after one season. The series was hosted by Gildart Jackson, who plays the mansion's butler, Giles.


The series follows 13 guests, one of whom is secretly the "killer" posing as a contestant in the game, living in a Beverly Hills mansion named Rue Manor.

They are guided by the butler, Giles (Gildart Jackson) who also acts as the show's host. Within the show's fiction, the guests, along with Giles and two maids, are trapped by the killer within the house grounds until they determine who the killer is.

An early episode shows that Giles is wearing an ankle monitor that forbids him from leaving. In many ways, Giles acts as a puppet for the killer; the killer sends messages to Giles, who reads them to the surviving guests.