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Wasteland is an ABC network drama series created by Kevin Williamson, which aired from October 7 to October 21, 1999, lasting for one season & three episodes.

It was produced by Outerbanks Entertainment and Miramax Television.


The series centered on the lives of six friends living together in New York after their college years trying to find themselves.


  • Marisa Coughlan as Dawnie Parker
  • Sasha Alexander as Jesse Presser
  • Rebecca Gayheart as Samantha "Sam" Price
  • Eddie Mills as Vandy
  • Dan Montgomery Jr. as Russell Baskind
  • Brad Rowe as Tyler "Ty" Swindell
  • Jeffrey D. Sams as Vincent "Vince" Lewis

Broadcast History

"Wasteland" aired only three episodes in October of 1999 before ABC canceled it; Showtime's ShowNext channel aired the 10 remaining episodes of the series in 2001.