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Vegas (also stylized as "Vega$") is an ABC network detective crime-drama series created by Michael Mann and produced by Aaron Spelling.

The show aired from April 25, 1978 to June 3, 1981, lasting for three seasons and 69 episodes.


The series centered on Dan Tanna, a private detective who drove to his assignments around the streets of Las Vegas in a beautiful red 1957 Ford Thunderbird convertible where he worked for a wide variety of clients & helped solve crimes.

Notes & Trivia

  • Dan Tanna was a veteran of the Vietnam War.
  • Dan Tanna drove a red 1957 Thunderbird.
  • Dan Tanna had an older sister named Julie.
  • Robert Urich packed on 40 pounds of muscle for the role of Dan Tanna. His weight boosted from a skinny 180 pounds to a solid, muscular 220 pounds.
  • Robert Urich almost didn't get the part of Dan Tanna. Even though he was one of the tallest and strongest actors up for the part, producers thought that he looked way too young to play a man in his twenties as his boyish behavior and looks made him look like a young boy.


  • Robert Urich as Detective Dan Tanna
  • Bart Braverman as Bobby "Binzer" Borso
  • Phyllis Davis as Beatrice Travis
  • Greg Morris as Lieutenant David Nelson
  • Naomi Stevens as Sergeant Bella Archer
  • Tony Curtis as Phillip Roth
  • Judy Landers as Angie Turner