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Toma is an ABC network crime drama series created by Edward Hume, starring Tony Musante as the lead character.

The show aired from October 4, 1973 to May 10, 1974, lasting for one season and 22 episodes.

A 90-minute TV movie of the same name aired as an "ABC Movie of the Week" on March 21, 1973.

After its cancellation, the show was retooled as "Baretta" starring Robert Blake, which debuted as a mid-season replacement in early 1975.


The series was based on the real-life story of David Toma, a New Jersey police detective who was a master of disguise and skilled in undercover work.

Toma himself made a cameo appearance in many episodes of the show.


  • Tony Musante as Detective David Toma
  • Susan Strasberg as Patty Toma
  • Simon Oakland as Inspector Spooner


"Toma" ended production after one season, as Tony Musante had only agreed to film one full season, citing a desire not to get trapped into only playing one character over a long period of time.

The network and show runners had initially assumed this to be a negotiating ploy, but Musante held firm and decided not to return to the show.

Many of the people on the "Toma" writing staff would go on to write episodes of NBC's "The Rockford Files" which debuted shortly after the show's cancellation.