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    Thank You!
    00:21, February 14, 2020

    Hello once again,

    I know you'll report this account for sockpuppeting, and I understand why. But I just wanted to say it was all wrong, everything in the past, and sorry for all nonsense and bullshit I fed to you. It really was uncalled for and completely out of line. I'm not asking for forgiveness but I'm just trying to clear up that I didn't do that stuff because I wanted anybody to get hurt. I did it simply because I'm a basturdized asshole who likes people blocking me thinking it'll stop other accounts. Well, yeah, you get the gist of it.

    Now, why am I messaging you?

    No it's not to troll you, No it's not to become Admin on ABC or Goldbergs again, No it's not because I love you,

    the reason is because I feel bad, and I know I did terribly wrong, and I am truly sorry.

    I don't expect forgiveness, but it killed me to not apologize for everything.

    This'll be the last time I message you, and I give you that promise. All the best to ya now.


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    • Sorry for the delayed response.

      Honestly, I wasn't expecting this, but I'm glad you've acknowledged your behavior and apologized. Apology accepted! Thank You for your sincere message!

      I won't report this account as long as their is no trolling, which in retropespect, is not my job to enforce the ToU anyway. 

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