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The Weekenders

The Weekenders

The Weekenders is a Disney animated series created by Doug Langdale. It centers on the weekend life of four seventh graders: Tino, Lor, Carver, and Tish. The series initially aired on ABC and UPN, but was later moved to Toon Disney.

Premise Edit

The Weekenders details the weekend life of four ethnically diverse seventh graders: Tino Tonitini (Jason Marsden), a witty Italian-American oddball who makes bizarre and creepy obscurances of everything, Lorraine "Lor" McQuarrie (Grey DeLisle), a sporty Scottish-American tomboy who isn't the smartest person around, Carver Descartes (Phil LaMarr), a self-centered African-American fashionista who dreams of becoming a celebrity, and Petratishkovna "Tish" Katsufrakis (Kath Soucie), an artistic Jewish-American intellectual of Lithuanian descent who idolizes William Shakespeare.

The show was known for its distinctive animation style, similar to shows produced by Klasky-Csupo such as Rocket Power and As Told by Ginger. It is one of the few animated series where characters' outfits change from episode to episode. The series takes place in the fictional city of Bahia Bay, which is based on San Diego, California where the creator lived,

The show's theme song, "Livin' for the Weekend", was performed by Wayne Brady and written by Brady and Roger Neill.