The Untouchables

The Untouchables is an ABC network crime drama series based on Eliot Ness & Oscar Fraley's memoir of the same name executively produced by Alan A. Armer, Desi Arnaz, Leonard Freeman, Quinn Martin & Jerry Thorpe.

The show aired from October 15, 1959 to May 21, 1963, lasting for four seasons & 118 episodes.


Set in Chicago, Illinois in the 1930s, the series centered on Eliot Ness's experiences as a prohibition agent fighting crime with a special team of agents nicknamed "The Untouchables"


  • Robert Stack as Agent Eliot Ness
  • Abel Fernandez as Agent William Youngfellow
  • Nicholas Georgiade as Agent Enrico "Rico" Rossi
  • Paul Picerni as Agent Lee Hobson
  • Steve London\Paul Dubov (in the pilot) as Agent Jack Rossman
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