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The Robert Guillaume Show is an ABC network sitcom series created by Sy Rosen, starring Robert Guillaume in the lead role.

The series aired from April 5, 1989 to August 1, 1989, lasting for one season and 13 episodes.


The series centered on Edward Sawyer, an African-American single father of two children who begins an interracial relationship with Ann Sheer, his Caucasian secretary and single mother with a daughter of her own.


  • Robert Guillaume as Edward Sawyer
  • Wendy Phillips as Ann Sherr
  • Marc Joseph as William Sawyer
  • Kelsey Scott as Pamela Sawyer
  • Hank Rolike as Henry Sawyer


According to Robert Guillaume's autobiography, he conceived the series with the intent of exploring racial complexities in a family situation in a comedic way, but he was warned by ABC that the American public needed time to get used to the idea of an interracial romance.

Guillaume maintained that ABC deliberately sabotaged the series by airing episodes out of order and showed a kiss between Edward and Ann on the second episode instead of the intended eighth episode.

The series was soon canceled lasting only thirteen episodes.