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The Paul Lynde Show is an ABC network sitcom series created by Ron Clark & Sam Bobrick (based on a play written by Phoebe Ephron), starring Paul Lynde in the lead role.

The show aired from September 13, 1972 to March 14, 1973, airing for one season & 26 episodes.


The series centered on the life of attorney Paul Simms and his family whose life gets hectic when his oldest daughter's brilliant, but quirky husband comes to live in his family's home.


  • Paul Lynde as Paul Simms
  • Elizabeth Allen as Martha Simms
  • Jane Actman as Barbara Simms Dickerson
  • Pamelyn Ferdin as Sally Simms
  • John Calvin as Howie Dickerson
  • James Gregory as T.R. Scott
  • Anne Meara as Grace Dickerson
  • Jerry Stiller as Barney Dickerson
  • Allison McKay as Alice
  • Herb Voland as T.J. McNish