The New Breed

The New Breed is an ABC network crime drama series created by Hank Searls, which aired from October 3, 1961 to June 5, 1962, lasting for one season & 36 episodes.

It was produced by Quinn Martin Productions and Selmur Productions.


The series centered on a "new breed" of policemen of the elite Metropolitan Squad of the Los Angeles Police Department who were trained in using sophisticated electronic gadgetry to track down criminals who were considered uncapturable by traditional police methods.


  • Leslie Nielsen as Lieutenant Price Adams
  • John Beradino as Sergeant Vince Cavelli
  • John Clarke as Patrolman Joe Huddleston (27 episodes)
  • Byron Morrow as Captain Keith Gregory (2 episodes)
  • Greg Roman as Patrolman Pete Garcia (2 episodes)
  • Art Gilmore as Narrator
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