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The Naked Truth is an ABC/NBC network sitcom series that first aired on ABC from September 13, 1995 to February 28, 1996, and on NBC from January 16, 1997 to May 25, 1998, lasting for three seasons & 55 episodes.

The show was created by Chris Thompson and was produced by Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, Christopher Thompson Productions (for season one) and Columbia Pictures Television.


The series took place at the office of a tabloid news publication, The Weekly Comet where Pulitzer-winning photographer Nora Wilde takes a job at after her rich ex-husband causes her to lose her previous job.

Nora's shameless editor, Camilla Dane sends Nora and photographer Nicky Columbus on a series of comically sleazy assignments.


  • Téa Leoni as Nora Wilde
  • Darryl Sivad as T.J.
  • Holland Taylor as Camilla Dane
  • Tom Verica as Jake Sullivan
  • Mark Roberts as Dave
  • Jonathan Penner as Nicky Columbus
  • Jack Blessing as Mr. Donner
  • Amy Ryan as Chloe Banks
  • Amy Hill as Suji
  • Chris Elliott as Bradley Crosby
  • Jim Rash as Harris
  • Tim Curry as Sir Rudolph Halley