The Marshall Chronicles

The Marshall Chronicles is an ABC network sitcom series created by Richard Rosenstock, starring Joshua Rifkind in the lead role.

The show aired from April 4 to July 22, 1990, lasting for one season & 7 episodes. It was produced by Sweetum Productions and Viacom Productions.


The series centered on the life of Marshall Brightman, a young high school boy who is love with Melissa, the most beautiful girl in school, who happens to be dating Johnny, the school bully.


  • Joshua Rifkind as Marshall Brightman
  • Meredith Scott Lynn as Leslie Barash
  • Nile Lanning as Melissa Sandler
  • Gabriel Bologna as Johnny Parmetko
  • Bradley Gregg as Sean Bickoff
  • Jennifer Salt as Cynthia Brightman
  • Steve Anderson as Michael Brightman
  • Brad Bradley as Ira Resnick
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