The MacKenzies of Paradise Cove

The MacKenzies of Paradise Cove is an ABC network sitcom series created by William Blinn & Jerry Thorpe.

The show aired from March 27 to May 18, 1979, lasting for one season & 6 episodes (including a 1978 TV movie pilot called "Stickin' Together").

It was produced by Blinn/Thorpe Productions and Viacom Enterprises.


Set in Honolulu, Hawaii, the series centered on the adventures of the five MacKenzie kids, who are orphaned after the death of their parents in a sailing accident.

In order to avoid being split up by authorities, Cuda Weber, a reluctant seagoing fisherman becomes the kids' unofficial guardian.


  • Clu Gulager as Cuda Weber
  • Lory Walsh as Bridget MacKenzie
  • Shawn Stevens as Kevin MacKenzie
  • Sean Marshall as Michael MacKenzie
  • Randi Kiger as Celia MacKenzie
  • Keith Mitchell as Timothy MacKenzie
  • Harry Chang as Barney, Cuda's friend
  • Moe Keale as "Big Ben" Kalikini
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