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The Legend of Jesse James is an ABC network Western series based on notorious outlaw Jesse James, starring Christopher James in the lead role.

The show aired from September 13, 1965 to May 9, 1966, lasting for one season & 34 episodes. It was produced by 20th Century Fox Television.


The series portrayed Jesse James as a 19th-century Robin Hood in Missouri, who robbed trains and banks to repay local residents whose property had been confiscated by railroad barons or greedy Northern bankers.

The series depicts the barons as demanding that Mrs. James sell them her ranch.


  • Christopher Jones as Jesse James
  • Allen Case as Frank James
  • Ann Doran as Mrs. James
  • Robert J. Wilke as Marshal Sam Corbett

Broadcast History

"The Legend of Jesse James" aired on Monday at 8:30 Eastern time after 12 O'Clock High. It faced tough competition: "The Lucy Show" on CBS and "Dr. Kildare" on NBC.