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The Job is an ABC network sitcom series created by Denis Leary (who also stars in the show) and Peter Tolan.

The show aired from March 14, 2001 to April 24, 2002, lasting for two seasons & 19 episodes.

It was produced by The Cloudland Company, Apostle, Touchstone Television and DreamWorks Television.


The series followed New York City police officer Mike McNeil (who indulges in adultery, alcohol, cigarettes & prescription drug abuse) and his fellow bumbling detective pals.


  • Denis Leary as Detective Mike McNeil
  • Bill Nunn as Detective Terrence Phillips
  • Lenny Clarke as Detective Frank Harrigan
  • Diane Farr as Detective Jan Fendrich
  • Adam Ferrara as Detective Tommy Manetti
  • John Ortiz as Detective Ruben Sommariba
  • Karyn Parsons as Toni
  • Julian Acosta as Al Rodriguez
  • Wendy Makkena as Karen McNeil
  • Keith David as Lieutenant Williams