The Great Christmas Light Fight Episodes American Broadcasting Company Season 2

Season 2 (2014) American Broadcasting Company December 8, 2014 and December 22, 2014

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106 106 "Episode 1" December 8, 2014 106 6.83
Judge: Sabrina Soto

"Bagwell Family" (Springfield, MO) over 110,000 lights are set to music, including a light pond with multiple characters; "Weaver Family" (Rohnert Park, CA) a home is transformed into a 58-foot tall castle with multiple hand-made Disney characters; "Belcher Family" (Rowlett, TX) projection mapping makes a house talk and become an animated display, combined with 70,000 lights set to music and a dance routine with Santa and Mrs. Claus; "Barnard Family" (Lebanon, TN) eight acres of land with over 2 million lights is a drive-through holiday display with a nativity scene manger with live animals and a drive-through home for Santa. WINNER: Weaver Family

107 107 "Episode 2" December 8, 2014 107 6.83
Judge: Michael Moloney

"Daigle Family" (Paincourtville, LA) a 2.5 acre display has lighted trains, ferris wheels, and searchlights that require FAA approval; "Apruzzi Family" (Old Bridge, NJ) separate displays in the front and back yards with over 130,000 lights on over 200 wire frames; "Horrocks/Conway Families" (Coventry, RI) two families combine an old-fashioned display of blow molds with new technology and a castle from Frozen; "Loya Family" (El Paso, TX) an immigrant family creates a display with over 400,000 lights set to music and a Santa's Village area. WINNER: Loya Family The Loya family stated they would donate their prize to local charities.

108 108 "Episode 3" December 15, 2014 108 5.30
Judge: Sabrina Soto

"Alexander Family" (Fresno, CA) a 100-foot long castle with 300,000 lights and multiple animated displays; "BetGeorge Family" (Newark, CA) oversized musical instruments seem to play the music along with a light display featuring light beams on the roof and a live choir; "Lashbrook Family" (Owensboro, KY) a large manger and multiple wire-frame characters creates a homestyle traditional display; "Johnson Family" (San Antonio, TX) a high-tech display uses digital RGB pixels instead of regular lights and makes a dubstep Christmas music dance party. WINNER: Alexander Family

109 109 "Episode 4" December 15, 2014 109 5.30
Judge: Michael Moloney

"Liz Simmons" (Dallas, TX) one woman makes a quirky, whimsical display of dioramas and 110,000 lights but suffers a power issue on judging night; "Huffty Family" (Jacksonville, FL) a digital RGB pixel tree and a robotic snowman are the stars of a display set to music; "Ludy Family" (Columbus, GA) custom-made wire frames and a 30-foot mega-tree in a display of animated lights that extends into the house next door; "Taylor Family" (Vallejo, CA) aluminum foil makes the display seem brighter with a walk-through display of lights and figures. WINNER: Huffty Family

110 110 "Episode 5" December 22, 2014 110 5.88
Judge: Sabrina Soto

"Canizales Family" (Sanger, CA) 80,000 lights just on the roof are built into wire fencing around the home with lights set to music; "Setti Family" (Norwalk, CT) 150,000 lights and 400 hand-made figurines are displayed by a couple retiring their display after 26 years due to their age; "Roberts Family" (Andrews, TX) a 70-foot tall mega-tree with 64,000 lights on it is the heart of this light display set to music; "Wetherington Family" (Dover, FL) 50 acres of property are converted into Christmas Lane with lights, animatronics, and figurines throughout the property. WINNER: Setti Family

111 111 "Episode 6: The Season Finale" December 22, 2014 111 5.88
Judge: Michael Moloney

"Thames Family" (Midland, TX) an oversized sleigh for Santa and hand-made poinsettias built out of lights are the focal points of this display; "Mortensen Family" (Windsor, CA) a home is wrapped in brown tarp to resemble a gingerbread house with gingerbread men characters representing the family and a large cuckoo clock, all covered in lights; "Fuller Family" (Clayton, NC) a large property uses only 100,000 lights set to music but still makes it look sharp; "Hammel Family" (Davie, FL) a tropical-themed display has lights completely covering the ground along with lasers, blow molds, and a movie screen. WINNER: Fuller Family

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