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Season 1 (2013) American Broadcasting Company December 9, 2013 and December 23, 2013

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101 101 "Episode One" December 9, 2013 101 5.50
Judge: Michael Moloney

"Lynch Family" (Whitestone, NY) a home becomes a gingerbread house with 300 blow molds, 100 figurines, and 500,000 lights; "Goff Family" (Canon, GA) 3 acres of land has a vintage theme, with 160 blow molds, 60 inflatables, and thousands of old-fashioned lights; "Blount Family" (Laguna Hills, CA) 120,000 lights are set to originally-composed music; "Holt Family" (Chesapeake, VA) a display of lights with music, inflatables, and a snow machine. WINNER: Lynch Family

Series Premiere

102 102 "Episode Two" December 16, 2013 102 4.04
Judge: Sabrina Soto

"Small Family" (Orange, CT) 25,000 lights and 100 blow molds synchronized to music and Santa arrives in a horse-drawn carriage; "Simmons Family" (Cathedral City, CA) 200,000 lights synchronized to music and a snow machine; "Tittiger Family" (Stockbridge, GA) 80,000 lights and hundreds of lawn ornaments divided into themes that can be walked through; "Rhodes Family" (Cedar Park, TX) 100,000 lights create a classic display. WINNER: Tittiger Family

103 103 "Episode Three" December 16, 2013 103 4.04
Judge: Michael Moloney

"Larsen Family" (Elburn, IL) one million lights, 4 mega-trees, dancing poles, strobe lights, lasers, and cosmic ribbons all set to music; "Plauche Family" (Pass Christian, MS) survivors of Hurricane Katrina have lights set to music and a talking Santa in lights; "Baughman Family" (Prosper, TX) a Christian-themed display has 100,000 lights set to music and a lit arch over the home; "Yangello Family" (Pennsville, NJ) a family sings and dances on their roof while using a traditional, homestyle light display. WINNER: Larsen Family

104 104 "Episode Four" December 23, 2013 104 4.95
Judge: Sabrina Soto

"Hyatt Family" (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 160 blow molds, 200,000 lights, and tropical-themed ornaments, a number of which were recycled, make a classic display; "Paradowski Family" (Decatur, GA) 115,000 lights, 3 mega-trees, and a ribbon tree all set to music; "Downs Family" (Norman, OK) a 550-foot wide area of land with oversized light poles and 280,000 lights set to music, with donations going to a local food bank; "Satterwhite Family" (Mechanicsville, VA) 120,000 lights, blow molds, and a "no inflatables" rule creates a classic display with hidden Mickeys. WINNER: Paradowski Family

105 105 "Episode Five" December 23, 2013 105 4.95
Judges: Michael Moloney and Sabrina Soto

"Macrina Family" (Wyomissing, PA) 12,000 lights just on the house help make a lights-only display set to music; "Mize Family" (Marinwood, CA) a Disney-themed display with emphasis on Mickey Mouse figures; "Kowalczyk Family" (Tinley Park, IL) a construction worker builds his own design elements with lights set to music and inflatables; "Gay Family" (Union Vale, NY) 1.7 acres of land with lights surrounding a pond instead of a house and a fundraiser for children's hospitals. WINNER: Macrina Family

Season Finale