The Flying Nun

The Flying Nun is an ABC network sitcom created by Max Wylie & Harry Ackerman, starring Sally Field, and based on Tere Rios' 1965 book, "The Fifteenth Pelican."

The show aired from September 7, 1967 to April 3, 1970, lasting for three seasons & 83 episodes, including a one-hour pilot episode.


The series centered on the misadventures of a nun who has the ability to fly, and her convent & neighbors.


  • Sally Field as Sister Bertrille
  • Madeleine Sherwood as Reverend Mother Placido
  • Marge Redmond as Sister Jacqueline
  • Shelley Morrison as Sister Sixto
  • Linda Dangcil as Sister Ana
  • Vito Scotti as Captain Gaspar Fomento
  • Alejandro Rey as Carlos Ramirez
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