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The Feather and Father Gang is an ABC network crime drama series created by William Driskill.

The show aired from December 6, 1976 to July 30, 1977, lasting for one season & 14 episodes.


The series centered on attorney Toni "Feather" Danton who hires her con-man father, Harry to work as an investigator at her law firm, and work together to help out their friends & bring criminals to justice along with their investigative team that consisted of grafters & bunco artists.


  • Stefanie Powers as Toni "Feather" Danton
  • Harold Gould as Harry Danton
  • Frank Delfino as Enzo
  • Joan Shawlee as Margo
  • Monte Landis as Michael
  • Lewis Charles as Lou

Broadcast History

The first episode of "The Feather and Father Gang" aired on December 6, 1976. After a three-month hiatus, it returned to the ABC lineup on March 7, 1977, as a weekly series beginning with its second episode, airing at 10:00 p.m. on Mondays until April 4, 1977.

It then went into hiatus again, returning to the air on Friday, May 13, 1977, when ABC broadcast its pilot, "Never Con a Killer, (which was filmed to run as a 90-minute made-for-television movie) as its sixth episode.

Eight days later, on May 21, 1977, the show returned to 60-minute episodes and settled into a new time slot at 10:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Criticized as a derivative and pale imitation of the CBS series, "Switch" and handicapped by its lack of a consistent broadcast day & time, "The Feather and Father Gang" garnered disappointing ratings and was cancelled after 14 episodes; its last original episode aired on July 30, 1977, and the last rerun in prime time was on August 6, 1977.