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Episodes American Broadcasting Company July 18, 2004 and August 22, 2004

Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Directed by Written by Original air date


101 "Day 1,412" Chris Long John Scott Shepherd July 18, 2004
Abby and her daughter Natalie find out that they're both pregnant on the same day. Jack quits his job. Nathan suffers a panic attack during a test, and eventually gets his first girlfriend.

Series Premiere

102 "Day 1,403" Chris Long John Scott Shepherd July 25, 2004
Jack is undecided as to what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Abby finds out that her ex-flame was hired to work closely with her. Natalie struggles with her pregnancy and the stigma of being the 'pregnant girl' at school. Cooper wins a national writing contest and, with it, the affections of Natalie's former best friend Emma.
103 "Day 1,385" Robert Duncan McNeill John Scott Shepherd August 1, 2004
Jack is seeing a psychologist to get his old job back. Cooper is left with a decision that will either compromise his integrity or get him the girl.
104 "Day 1,375" David Carson John Scott Shepherd August 8, 2004
Jack plans a family day, which is opposed by the rest of the family. They go to see Nathan's first soccer game. Later, Cooper (things having fallen apart with Emma) makes a move on Zanni, his friend.
105 "Day 1,370: Part 1" Robert Duncan McNeill John Scott Shepherd & Layne Wong August 15, 2004
Natalie and Jack are fighting to get Natalie the right to play soccer. Cooper goes to Zanni's house to lose his virginity. Jack plans a 40th birthday party for Abby. Abby ends up in early labour causing her to crash the car. To be continued...
106 "Day 1,370: Part 2" John Scott Shepherd John Scott Shepherd August 22, 2004
Natalie goes to a free clinic considering an abortion but change her mind after she learns that her mother lost the baby. Abby has a miscarriage, and the family is at the hospital waiting for Abby's recovery from her car crash.

Series Finale