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The Belles of Bleecker Street is an ABC network comedy pilot, starring Melissa Clayton & Barbara Gonzalez in the lead roles and produced by Anne Beatts.

The pilot aired on July 5, 1991, but was not picked up by the network as a series.


The show's premise was about two 13-year-old girls, Lindsay Alexander & Jo Jo Martinez, who are best friends that live in an apartment house on Bleecker Street in New York City who call themselves "The Belles of Bleecker Street" and was supposed to focus on life seen through their eyes.

Other characters of the pilot included Holly & Chris (Lindsay's parents), Carmen & Jerry (Jo Jo's parents), Serena (Jo Jo's sister), Austin (Jo Jo's brother) and Porter Gibbs (Lindsay & Jo Jo's friend). Lindsay's father worked as a photographer & Jo Jo's father worked as a cab driver.


  • Melissa Clayton as Lindsay Alexander
  • Barbara Gonzalez as Jo Jo Martinez
  • Breon Gorman as Holly Alexander
  • David Naughton as Chris Alexander
  • Ivonne Coll as Carmen Martinez
  • Luis Avalos as Jerry Martinez
  • Tasia Valenza as Serena Martinez
  • Max Supera as Austin Martinez
  • Shawn Phelan as Porter Gibbs