That Girl

That Girl is an ABC network sitcom series created by Bill Persky & Sam Denoff, starring Marlo Thomas in the lead role.

The show aired from September 8, 1966 to March 19, 1971, lasting for five seasons & 136 episodes.


The series centered on Ann Marie, an aspiring actress trying to make it big in New York City and works various temp jobs in order to support herself in between her various auditions & bit parts.


  • Marlo Thomas as Ann Marie
  • Ted Bessell as Donald Hollinger
  • Lew Parker as Lew Marie
  • Rosemary De Camp as Helen Marie
  • Dabney Coleman as Dr. Leon Bessemer
  • Bonnie Scott as Judy Bessemer
  • Bernie Kopell as Jerry Bauman
  • Arlene Golonka as Margie Bauman
  • Carol Ann Daniels as Ruth Bauman
  • Alice Borden as Ruth Bauman
  • Ruth Buzzi as Margie "Pete" Peterson
  • Ronnie Schell as Harvey Peck
  • George Carlin as George Lester
  • Mabel Albertson as Mildred Hollinger
  • Frank Faylen as Bert Hollinger
  • Billy De Wolfe as Jules Benedict


According to Marlo Thomas, she was approached by ABC executive Edgar Scherick, who saw her in a screen test for a failed pilot, but still wanted to feature her in a project. Scherick gave her several scripts to read, none of which she liked, as they all focused on a woman who was either a traditional girlfriend, wife or secretary to someone else; Thomas wanted a show in which the main character was a young, modern woman focused on her own dreams and aspirations.

Although never officially credited as such (Persky and Denoff were the series' creators and official executive producers), Thomas was also a de facto executive producer of the series through her Daisy Productions, which she formed specifically for the series; it was credited on-screen as the production company. She originally wanted to name the sitcom "Miss Independence" (which was the nickname given to her by her parents).

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