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Temperatures Rising, known for part of its second season as The New Temperatures Rising Show, is an ABC network medical sitcom series developed by William Asher.

The show aired from September 12, 1972 to August 29, 1974, lasting for two seasons and 46 episodes.

About the show

The series centered on the adventures of the staff at the Capital General Hospital in Washington, D.C.


  • Cleavon Little as Dr. Jerry Nolan
  • Joan Van Ark as Nurse Annie Carlisle
  • Reva Rose as Nurse Mildred "Millie" MacInerny
  • Nancy Fox as Nurse Ellen Turner
  • James Whitmore as Dr. Vincent Campanelli
  • Paul Lynde as Dr. Paul Mercy
  • Sudie Bond as Martha Mercy
  • Barbara Cason as Miss Tillis
  • Jennifer Darling as Nurse Windy Winchester
  • Jeff Morrow as Dr. Lloyd Axton
  • John Dehner as Dr. Charles Claver
  • Alice Ghostley as Edwina Moffitt
  • Nancy Fox as Nurse Ellen Turner
  • Barbara Rucker as Nurse Amanda Kelly


Season 1

  1. Operation Bingo
  2. Operation Fastball
  3. The Appointment
  4. Ellen's Flip Side
  5. The Muscle and the Medic
  6. The Accident Con
  7. Good Luck Lefkowitz
  8. Tenor Loving Care
  9. Rx – Love
  10. Lights, Camera, Action
  11. Witchcraft, Washington Style
  12. The Spy
  13. The New Head Nurse
  14. Rx – Christmas
  15. Scapel, Sponge, Typewriter
  16. Black Is Beautiful
  17. How to Cure a Doctor of Money
  18. Interrupted Malady
  19. Diagnosis, Who Knows?
  20. Panic in the Sheets
  21. Rx – Nose Job
  22. My Doctor, the Patient
  23. Creepy, Peepy
  24. It Don't Mean a Ping, If You Ain't Got That Pong
  25. Super Doc
  26. Gorilla My Dreams

Season 2

  1. The Misguided Appendectomy
  2. The Oldest Living American
  3. The Strike
  4. A Classic Case
  5. We Ain't Got No Body
  6. The Mothers
  7. Gonna Getcha
  8. The Night Shift
  9. Mercy the Surgeon
  10. The Physical
  11. The Donation
  12. Four of a Kind
  13. Big Brother
  14. Is There a Lady Doctor in the House?
  15. Kid Genius
  16. Three Faces of Edwina
  17. Healer Man
  18. Shafted
  19. Mercy Beaucoup



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