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Tabitha is an American fantasy sitcom and a spin-off of Bewitched that aired on ABC from September 10, 1977 to January 14, 1978. The series starred Lisa Hartman in the title role as Tabitha Stephens, the witch daughter of Samantha and Darrin Stephens who was introduced on Bewitched during its second season. It was created by Jerry Mayer and starred Lisa Hartman, David Ankrum, Robert Urich, Mel Stewart, and Karen Morrow. Despite the success of the original series, Tabitha failed to catch on with viewers and was canceled after 11 episodes.

About the show

Tabitha follows the life of Tabitha, the witch daughter of Samantha Stephens and Darrin Stephens, now a young woman in Los Angeles working for Trend Magazine in San Francisco as an editorial assistant. Her brother, Adam, wants nothing to do with mortal life and keeps encouraging his sister to forsake her mortal ways and embrace her magical heritage.



Season 1

  1. The Pilot
  2. Tabitha's Weighty Problem
  3. Halloween Show
  4. A Star Is Born
  5. Minerva Goes Straight
  6. Mr. Nice Guy
  7. The Arrival of Nancy
  8. Tabitha's Triangle
  9. That New Black Magic
  10. What's Wrong with Mister Right?
  11. Paul Goes to New York
  12. Tabitha's Party



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