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Stone is an ABC network police drama series created by Stephen J. Cannell, Richard Levinson and William Link, starring Dennis Weaver in the lead role.

The show aired from January 14 to March 31, 1980, lasting for one season & 9 episodes. It was produced by Gerry Productions, Inc. & Stephen J. Cannell Productions.


The series centered on Detective\Sgt. Daniel Stone, a police officer who wrote best-selling novels on police work based on his own experiences (similar to real-life cop-turned-writer Joseph Wambaugh).

Stone's superior Chief Paulton, his one-time mentor, was unhappy with Stone's writing but was unable to stop him.


  • Dennis Weaver as Detective\Sgt. Daniel Stone
  • Pat Hingle as Chief Gene Paulton
  • Robby Weaver as Detective Buck Rogers
  • Mariette Hartley as Diane Stone
  • Nancy McKeon as Jill Stone