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Star of the Family is an ABC network sitcom created by Stu Silver & Rick Mitz.

The series debuted on September 30, 1982 (airing on Thursdays after "Joanie Loves Chachi"), but was cancelled on December 9, 1982 after 10 episodes aired.


Jennie Lee Krebs, the 16-year-old daughter of Fire Captain Buddy Krebs starts getting offers in show business due to her singing talents in the country\pop genre & signs with manager Judy "Moose" Wells which frightens Buddy because he doesn't want his daughter to grow up too fast.


  • Brian Dennehy as Leslie "Buddy" Krebs
  • Kathy Maisnik as Jennie Lee Krebs
  • Michael Dudikoff as Dougie Krebs
  • George DelHoyo as Frank Rosetti
  • Todd Susman as Leo Feldman
  • Robert Clotworthy as Bigelow
  • Danny Mora as Max Hernandez
  • Judy Pioli as Judy "Moose" Wells