Spenser- For Hire

Spenser: For Hire is an ABC network crime\drama series developed by John Wilder, based on John Wilder's "Spenser" novels, starring Robert Urich in the lead role.

The show aired from September 20, 1985 to May 7, 1988, lasting for three seasons & 66 episodes.

It was produced by John Wilder Productions (from 1985-1986), Jadda Productions (from 1986-1987) and Warner Bros. Television.

A short-lived spin-off series "A Man Called Hawk" aired in 1989.


The series centered on Spenser, a private investigator from Boston, Masssachusetts who tackles a different case every week with help from his friend, Hawk.


  • Robert Urich as Spenser
  • Avery Brooks as Hawk
  • Barbara Stock as Susan Silverman (1985–86, 1987–88)
  • Ron McLarty as Sergeant Frank Belson
  • Carolyn McCormick as Assistant District Attorney Rita Fiore (1986–87)
  • Richard Jaeckel as Lieutenant Martin Quirk (1985–87)
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