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Something So Right is an NBC\ABC network sitcom created by Judd Pillot & John Peaslee.

The show originally aired on NBC on September 17, 1996, but despite airing between other NBC series such as "Frasier" and "Mad About You," the ratings began to fall and it was cancelled on May 6, 1997.

"Something So Right" was later picked up by ABC as a mid-season replacement the following year, airing from March 3 to July 7, 1998.


"Something So Right" was about the trials and tribulations that come in a modern day household of three kids, a mom and a dad, an ex-wife and two ex-husbands. It all started as just another parent-teacher conference when Carly Davis (Mel Harris) met her son's teacher, Jack Farrell (Jere Burns). However, their chemistry was undeniable and Carly and Jack fell in love.

With a reaffirmed belief in love and marriage, the twice-divorced Carly married the divorced Jack and they lived happily ever after... with just a little effort.

Carly is the mother of two children, 15-year-old Will (from her first marriage to semi-employed musician Dante Pacino) and 12-year-old Sarah (from her second marriage to intense businessman Sheldon Kramer). Now on her third marriage, Carly has not only gained a husband, but also a 16-year-old stepdaughter Nicole, and Jack's ex-wife, the neurotic actress Stephanie Farrell


  • Carly Davis (Mel Harris): Carly is a party planner who is currently married to Jack Farrell. She has two biological children from two previous husbands: her son Will Pacino from her first husband Dante and her daughter Sarah from her second husband Sheldon.
  • Jack Farrell (Jere Burns): Jack is a teacher and he is currently married to Carly. He has a daughter named Nicole from his ex-wife Stephanie. Jack also has two stepchildren Will and Sarah.
  • Will Pacino (Billy L. Sullivan): Will is Carly's son from her first husband Dante. Will lives with his mother, his stepfather, his half sister, and his stepsister. Will started out having a crush on Nicole in the first few episodes, but he later fell in love with her friend Cindy and dated a girl named Jenny in one episode.
  • Nicole Farrell (Marne Patterson): Nicole is Jack's daughter from his ex-wife Stephanie. She lives with her father, her stepmother, and her two stepsiblings.
  • Sarah Kramer (Emily Ann Lloyd): Sarah is Carly's daughter from her second husband Sheldon. She is very wise for her age. She lives with her mother, her stepfather, her half brother, and her stepsister.
  • Gracie (Carol Ann Susi on NBC series\Traci Lords on ABC series): Gracie is Carly's assistant.
  • Dante Pacino (Michael Milhoan): Dante is Carly's first husband and Will's father. He doesn't seem too intelligent.
  • Stephanie Farrell (Christine Dunford): Stephanie is Jack's ex-wife and Nicole's mother. She was an actress who had the starring role on the show "Thena Warrior Goddess" (A spoof of the show "Xena Warrior Princess") She later started dating Sheldon after he divorced his second wife Marianne.
  • Sheldon Kramer (Barry Jenner): Sheldon is Carly's second husband and Sarah's father. He is a millionaire. He starts out the series being married to his second wife Marianne, but eventually divorces her and then starts dating Stephanie in the second season.