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Push is an ABC network primetime soap opera created by Mark B. Perry, Andy Morahan, Laura Gregory and Nicholas Martin.

The show first premiered on April 6, 1998, but after two episodes aired, it was pulled off the air due to low ratings. The third episode aired on August 6, 1998 and was eventually cancelled, leaving 5 episodes unaired.


The series was about a group of young Olympic hopefuls in training at California Southern University.


  • Adam Trese as Victor Yates, the gymnastics team coach whose career was ended by a mishap in the 1996 Olympics
  • Eddie Mills as Scott Trysfan, a freshman swimming star
  • Jason Behr as Dempsey Easton, the former top track and field runner until Milo joined the team
  • Maureen Flannigan as Erin Galway, a swimmer with a rich father
  • Laurie Fortier as Cara Bradford, a gymnast training for the 2000 Olympics
  • Scott Gurney as Tyler Mifflin, a struggling freshman gymnast
  • Jaime Pressly as Nikki Lang, an assistant coach of the gymnastics team
  • Audrey Wasilewski as Gwen Sheridan, a pharmacology major who doesn't compete in any sports
  • Jacobi Wynne as Milo Reynolds, a freshman and the best track and field runner on the team

Critical Reception

"Push" was not well-received critically.

Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly gave the show a grade of C−, lamenting that "Push is not the musky melodrama I’d hoped for", adding that "Push is already a candidate to be pulled [from the air]."

Tom Jicha of the Sun-Sentinel concluded that "Push manages a feat of Olympian proportions. It makes sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll boring."

Terry Kelleher of People gave Push a D+ grade, and dismissed the show by saying it was "...nothing more than jock soap opera with a music-video look."



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