Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law

Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law is an ABC network legal drama series created by David Victor & former law professor Jerry McNeely.

The show aired from September 16, 1971 to August 24, 1974, lasting for three seasons and 69 episodes.

A two-hour pilot movie had aired as a 1971 "[[ABC Movie of the Week]]" entry prior to the series run.


The series was about Owen Marshall, a compassionate defense attorney who defended various clients in Santa Barbara, California with the help of his young assistants.


  • Arthur Hill as Owen Marshall
  • David Soul as Ted Warrick
  • Reni Santoni as Danny Paterno
  • Lee Majors as Jess Brandon
  • Joan Darling as Frieda Krause
  • Christine Matchett as Melissa Marshall

Crossovers with Marcus Welby, M.D.

The show had two crossovers with another David Victor series: "Marcus Welby, M.D.".

In the episode, "Men Who Care", Dr. Welby (Robert Young) persuades Marshall to defend a man who's accused of killing his daughter's boyfriend, the daughter being one of Welby's patients.

In the episode, "I've Promised You a Father", Marshall defends Dr. Welby's colleague Dr. Steve Kiley (James Brolin) in a paternity suit filed by a young nurse, who claims that Kiley is the father of her child. [[Category:ABC Shows]]

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