Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out is an ABC network sitcom series created by Ed Decter and John J. Strauss which aired from September 24, 1999 to January 7, 2000, lasting for one season & 13 episodes.


The show centered on Andrew Whitney, a 15-year-old boy who lives in a house full of females which consists of his widowed mother Julia, his aunt Jordan and three sisters: Val, Paige & Elizabeth.


  • Erik von Detten as Andrew Whitney
  • Natalia Cigliuti as Paige Whitney
  • Vicki Davis as Valerie "Val" Whitney
  • Marina Malota as Elizabeth Whitney
  • Markie Post as Julia Whitney
  • Jessica Capshaw as Aunt Jordan
  • Trevor Fehrman as Keith Carlson


"Odd Man Out" was heavily promoted in the summer of 1999, primarily as a last-ditch effort to save the faltering "TGIF" block, which had been in severe decline since The Walt Disney Company took over the block in 1997.

ABC commercials showing teenage girls screaming "EVD!" (which were the initials of star Erik von Detten) were prominent; at the time, this was the peak of the boy band craze, and this was a common practice.

The commercials mentioned very little about the show itself, and didn't even mention the name until a few weeks before the show was to debut: a typical advertisement, following clips of girls screaming "EVD!" would follow a shadow of von Detten with a question mark and a voiceover stating: "What is EVD? Find out Fridays this fall on ABC."

This type of mysterious promotion did little to hold interest in the show once it debuted.

"Odd Man Out" was canceled after thirteen episodes and replaced with the reality show "Making the Band"; it was the last new sitcom to debut on "TGIF" in its original form, and "TGIF" would itself end at the end of the season.

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