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Episodes American Broadcasting Company September 29, 2005 and November 10, 2005

Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Original release date


US viewers


101 "Pilot" September 29, 2005 7.10
Kolchak suspects a series of coyote-like attacks may be connected to his wife's murder.

Series Premiere

102 "The Five People You Meet in Hell" October 6, 2005 5.90
An imprisoned cult leader forces the people who got him convicted to kill their families. Kolchak investigates, and discovers Perri testified at his trial, and is going to be his next victim. Guest stars: Tony Curran, Art LaFleur, Alex Carter.
103 "Three" October 13, 2005 5.10
A university club's secret initiation ritual may be the cause behind deaths which are somehow caused by fear.
104 "Burning Man" October 20, 2005 4.50
A copycat killer of a deceased serial killer known as "The Burning Man" emerges, but Kolchak suspects that the copycat and the original killer are one and the same. Guest star: William Lucking.
105 "Malum" October 27, 2005 5.00
Bizarre deaths are occurring around a school attended by a possibly abused child, who may have a connection to the deaths. Guest stars: Tony Todd, Fredric Lehne, Paul Dillon.
106 "The Source" November 10, 2005 3.90
Kolchak is being forced by the FBI to give up his unknown informant

Series Finale