Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law is an ABC network crime drama series created by Lee David Zlotoff, based on characters from the "Trace" novels written by Warren Murphy.

The show aired from November 2, 1988 to March 18, 1989, lasting for one season & 12 episodes (leaving one unaired).

It was produced by Zev Braun Productions, Michael Gleason Productions and New World Television.


The show centered on insurance investigator Daedalus Patrick Murphy, who attempts to overcome his unlucky past with the help of his Eurasian model girlfriend, Kimiko Fannuchi.


  • George Segal as Daedalus Patrick Murphy
  • Maggie Han as Kimiko Fannuchi
  • Josh Mostel as Wesley Harden
  • Sarah Sawatsky as Kathleen Danforth
  • Charles Rocket as Victor Beaudine
  • Kim Lankford as Marissa Danforth
  • Serge Houde as Ed
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