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Mr. T and Tina is an ABC network sitcom and spin-off of "Welcome Back, Kotter" created by James Komack.

The show aired from September 25, 1976 to October 30, 1976, lasting for one season & 9 seasons (with 4 episodes left unaired).


The series was about a Japanese inventor who moves his family from Tokyo, Japan to Chicago, Illinois where he hires a scatterbrained and free-spirited American woman to be the live-in governess for his two children.


  • Pat Morita as Taro Takahashi
  • Susan Blanchard as Tina Kelly
  • June Angela as Sachi
  • Miriam Byrd-Nethery as Miss Llewellyn
  • Jerry Fujikawa as Uncle Matsu
  • Ted Lange as Harvard
  • Gene Profanato as Aki
  • Pat Suzuki as Michi


"Mr. T. and Tina" went up against CBS's "Bob Newhart Show" and the second half of NBC's "Emergency", but it drew poor ratings and terrible reviews & it was cancelled after 5 episodes.