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Episodes American Broadcasting Company January 27, 2003 and December 26, 2003

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101 "The Ferguson Syndrome" Matt Reeves Michael Petroni and Richard Hatem January 27, 2003 8.74
Paul Callan, an investigator of modern miracles for the Catholic church, is dispatched to investigate a young boy in Arizona with supposed healing powers.
102 "The Friendly Skies" Jesus Salvador Trevino Richard Hatem and David Greenwalt February 3, 2003 7.13
Sodalitas Quaerito is called to investigate the brief disappearance of a plane just before it landed.
103 "The Patient" Michael Ray Rhodes David Greenwalt February 10, 2003
Paul becomes attracted to Raina Bauer, the sharp and beautiful daughter of a brilliant, workaholic scientist working on a cure for Sakovsky's syndrome. When Dr. Bauer believes he has made an incredible breakthrough with diseased patient Sherwood Nichols, SQ investigates whether Sherwood has really made astounding progress or if he's being possessed by an evil energy.
104 "Little Miss Lost" Michael Katleman Zack Estrin & Chris Levinson March 3, 2003 6.4
A little girl keeps appearing to Paul just before several disasters occur, causing him to wonder if she is responsible for them.
105 "The Bone Scatterer" Terrence O'Hara David Graziano March 10, 2003
SQ receives an anonymous call from a terrified man who claims that his gruesome dreams in which people are violently killed are becoming a reality.
106 "Hand of God" Bill D'Elia Richard Hatem March 31, 2003 5.0
Paul discovers a link to the six "God is Nowhere" people, all of whom are slowly becoming the victims of a mad man who claims God is telling him to kill them.
107 "You Are My Sunshine" Paul Shapiro Christian Taylor November 14, 2003
As Paul nurses his injured ex-girlfriend, a malign energy in her house begins to draw out his dark side.
108 "The Battle at Shadow Ridge" Michael Grossman David Graziano November 21, 2003
SQ heads to Virginia to investigate when two young children report seeing the ghost of a Confederate soldier in the woods outside their house.
109 "Mother's Daughter" John Fawcett Christian Taylor November 28, 2003
Paul and Alva investigate a young Amish girl who shows signs of stigmata, and discover that she is being taken over by another personality.
110 "Saint Debbie" Lawrence Trilling Richard Hatem December 5, 2003
SQ is called to a small town in California to investigate a woman who seems to be miraculously healed after a diner robbery where her neck was sliced.
111 "The Ghost" John Fawcett Richard Hatem and David Greenwalt December 12, 2003
Paul, Alva, and Evelyn investigate the haunted real estate office of Larry Kittredge, a man who believes the poltergeist of his dead son has come back to him.
112 "The Letter" Thomas J. Wright Zack Estrin & Chris Levinson December 19, 2003
Paul traces the origin of a letter received by the late father a childhood friend, Georgia, and finds out the man who killed her father, Edward Dubek, is unknowingly and possessedly ghost writing letters to the families of his victims from prison.
113 "Paul Is Dead" Bill D'Elia David Greenwalt December 26, 2003
A man asks SQ to investigate television psychic Jason Herlock (Peter Outerbridge), while Paul continues to be haunted by Tommy Ferguson's ghost.