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Episodes American Broadcasting Company February 25, 2014 and March 25, 2014

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101 "Pilot" Miguel Sapochnik Kyle Killen February 25, 2014 101 3.58
Clark and Ross Edwards are brothers who run a firm employing psychological techniques to influence outcomes for those in need. Clark's bipolar disorder drives him to hire Ross's ex-wife to keep it in check, creating tension. As the firm struggles to prove its legitimacy, they take the case of a mother trying to convince her insurance company to approve an experimental surgery for her son. Meanwhile, we learn that Ross was a shady investor who went to jail after his wife blew the whistle on him and Clark was a respected professor until he had an affair with a student named Beth and got fired over it. Later, it's revealed that Ross paid Beth to seduce Clark to get him fired so they could start a business together.

Series Premiere

102 "Asymmetric Dominance" Miguel Sapochnik Kyle Killen March 4, 2014 102 2.39
The team takes on the case of a woman thought to be a shoo-in to be promoted to CEO, but is facing unexpected competition. Meanwhile, Ross tries to determine if Beth's return is for love or for money.
103 "Pet Rock" Timothy Busfield Donald Todd March 11, 2014 103 2.68
A girl's parents seek help in getting her out of a cult, but the cult leader proves far more versed in manipulative techniques than Clark realized. Ross and Claire clash over telling Clark the truth about Beth.
104 "Apophenia" Arlene Sanford Kyle Killen March 18, 2014 104 2.44
When a congressman changes his mind about a controversial gun bill, his son approaches the team to change it back. Meanwhile, a reporter is preparing an exposé that threatens to bring down the firm.
105 "Cauliflower Man" Romeo Tirone Eli Attie March 25, 2014 105 2.06
A disgraced and unbelieved whistleblower wants the team to convince his ex-coworker to become a whistleblower, too, while the firm deals with a lack of funds and Clark's manic episode which leaves him unavailable for the case.

Series Finale