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McKenna is an ABC network drama series created by Gil Grant which aired from September 15, 1994 to July 20, 1995, lasting for one season & 13 episodes. 5 episodes aired in the United States; however, the series was broadcast in its entirety in Australia.


The series revolved around Brick McKenna, who returns to Oregon to take over his brother's business, McKenna Outfitters after his death where he runs the business with his brother's widow, Leigh and his father, Jack.


  • Chad Everett as Jack McKenna
  • Eric Close as Brick McKenna
  • Shawn Huff as Leigh McKenna
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Cassidy McKenna
  • Rick Peters as Dale Goodwin
  • Jack Kehler as Walter Maddock
  • Jacob Loyst as Harry McKenna
  • Ashlee Lauren as Rose McKenna