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Marie is a 1979 ABC network television pilot starring singer\actress Marie Osmond. The pilot was created as a star vehicle for Marie after having a successful run with her brother, Donny on their variety show "Donny & Marie."

The pilot episode aired on December 1, 1979, but was not picked up by ABC as a series. It was directed by late actor Richard Crenna & produced by the Osmond family's production company, Osmond Productions.


The pilot centered on Marie Owens, a young single woman who leaves her home in Nebraska and moves to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a Broadway dancer. She enrolls at the Carla Coburn Dance Academy and finds an apartment that she shares with her friends, K.C. & Sandra.


  • Marie Osmond as Marie Owens
  • Ellen Travolta as Carla Coburn
  • Telma Hopkins as K.C. Jones
  • Zan Charisse as Sandra
  • Tony Ramirez as Pancho
  • Bruce Kirby as Edgar Merton
  • Stephen Shortridge as Detective Driscoll (guest star)