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Margie is an ABC network sitcom series produced by Hal Goodman & Larry Klein, based on the 1946 film of the same name, starring Cynthia Pepper in the lead role.

The show aired from October 12, 1961 to April 12, 1962, lasting for one season & 26 episodes.


Set in a small town in New England during the Roaring Twenties, the series centered the life of a teenage girl, Margie Clayton, who lives with her parents & brother.


  • Cynthia Pepper as Margie Clayton
  • Dave Wilcox as Harvey Clayton
  • Wesley Marie Tackitt as Nora Clayton
  • Tommy Ivo as Haywood Botts
  • Penney Parker as Maybelle Jackson
  • Richard Gering as Johnny Green

Broadcast History

"Margie" had a favorable time slot, following "My Three Sons" and preceding "The Untouchables"; its direct competition was NBC's comedy, "Hazel."

On CBS, the show faced competition for the first thirteen weeks from James Franciscus's adventure-drama series, "The Investigators."

The show failed to draw the audience to proceed to a second season and The half-hour vacated by Margie was filled by thirteen new episodes of ABC's James Whitmore crime drama, "The Law and Mr. Jones" (which had aired thirty-two segments on Fridays during the 1960–1961 season).

"Margie" replaced Soupy Sales's program in the Thursday time slot on ABC.