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Make Room for Granddaddy is an ABC network sitcom and sequel to "Make Room for Daddy", starring Danny Thomas.

The show aired from September 23, 1970 to March 18, 1971, lasting for one season & 24 episodes. It was produced by ABC in association with Danny Thomas Productions.


The series centered on Danny Williams, an aging entertainer and his wife, Kathy, who takes care of their 6-year-old grandson, Michael.


  • Danny Thomas as Danny Williams
  • Marjorie Lord as Kathy Williams
  • Angela Cartwright as Linda Williams
  • Michael Hughes as Michael Wilson
  • Rusty Hamer as Rusty Williams
  • Sid Melton as Charley Halper
  • Roosevelt Grier as Rosey Robbins
  • Stanley Myron Handelman as Henry


For the series premiere of "Make Room for Granddaddy", Sherry Jackson reprised her role as oldest daughter Terry. No mention was made of her husband Pat Hannigan; instead, for this new version of the series, Terry's husband was named Bill, who was a soldier. In this episode, Terry left her son, six-year-old Michael in the care of his grandparents Danny and Kathy so she could join Bill, who was stationed overseas.

In addition to Lord, Hamer and Cartwright, the only other returning regulars were Sid Melton as Charley Halper and Hans Conried as Uncle Tonoose.

During that season, new characters were played by Stanley Myron Handelman and former football player Roosevelt Grier.

"Make Room for Granddaddy" lasted for only a year, producing 24 episodes; its cancellation came at a time when the networks were purging content favoring older, rural and other less affluent viewers after the loss of a half-hour of daily program time in 1971.

According to Lord, the series faced many obstacles, including the unprofessionalism and inexperience of the child actor Michael Hughes, the absence of Sheldon Leonard as producer/director to control Thomas and improve the quality of the scripts, and the fact that ABC switched the time slot of the show from Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm to Thursday nights at 9:00 pm. As a result, the show's ratings went from mediocre to poor.