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MacGruder and Loud is an ABC network crime drama series created by Aaron Spelling which aired from January 20 to April 30, 1985, lasting for one season & 14 episodes.


The series centered on married police officers Malcolm MacGruder & Jenny Loud, who work at a Los Angeles Police Department-styled police agency where they tried to keep their marriage a secret from their boss, Sergeant Hanson.


  • John Getz as Malcolm MacGruder
  • Kathryn Harrold as Jenny Loud
  • Lee de Broux as Sergeant Hanson


"MacGruder and Loud" was one of the few failures from Aaron Spelling's production company in its history since it was picked by ABC to debut right after the Super Bowl in 1985 and was heavily promoted during the game.

The promotion for the show resulted in high ratings at first, but it was cancelled three months into its run, after ranking 40th out of 104 programs that aired that season with an average 15.76 household rating.

The ratings decline was blamed on ABC's repeated changing of the show's timeslot before settling on Monday nights at 10:00 p.m. (also known as "the graveyard slot").

Because of the frequent commercials during the Super Bowl, the following night, Johnny Carson asked rhetorically during his monologue on "The Tonight Show": "Did you see that new show, 'Frequent and Loud'?"

The series was rushed into production by ABC in order to capitalize on the popularity of another crime drama at that time, "Cagney and Lacey" (which aired on CBS).