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Lucan is an ABC network drama series based on the 1977 made-for-TV movie of the same name. starring Kevin Brophy in the lead role.

The show first premiered on September 12, 1977 and ended on December 4, 1978 after 11 episodes aired.


The show was about a young man named Lucan, who spent the first 10 years of his life running wild in the forest after being raised by wolves, he is taken to a research institute and taught the ways of human society.

Lucan is befriended by a kind researcher, Dr. Hoagland (John Randolph), with whom he bonded during his journey to civilization. His continued freedom at the research center is put in peril once his doctor friend and mentor is hurt.

Unable to ensure Lucan's well being at the institute, his friend encourages him to strike out on his own in search of his identity and family.

The series chronicled the encounters, challenges and intrigues that Lucan faced interacting with people using his new learned social graces and old Wolfen instincts. He is also pursued by a bounty hunter, Prentiss (Don Gordon), who is hired by the university to bring him back.

Lucan did have special Wolfen skills that were invoked when he was made very angry. When upset to the point of violence his eyes glowed amber. He also had heightened senses of smell and hearing. In a few episodes, he was able to call on his old wolf family/pack for help.


  • Kevin Brophy as Lucan
  • John Randolph as Dr. Hoagland
  • Don Gordon as Prentiss



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Lucan & The Macahans Promo (1977)