Living Dolls is an ABC network sitcom and spin-off of "Who's The Boss?" that was created by Ross Brown and starred Leah Remini, Michael Learned, Deborah Tucker, Alison Elliot, Halle Berry (in her first acting role) and David Moscow.

The show premiered on September 26, 1989 and was given negative feedback by critics. People magazine even gave the show a "F" in its 1989 fall preview issue.

After airing only 12 episodes, the show was cancelled on December 30, 1989.


The show centered on Charlie Briscoe (Leah Remini), a homeless model and friend of Samantha Miceli (from "Who's The Boss?") who becomes a part of agent Trish Carlin's modeling agency for teenage girls.


  • Michael Learned as Trish Carlin
  • Leah Remini as Charlie Briscoe
  • Deborah Tucker as Caroline Weldon
  • Alison Elliott as Martha Lambert
  • Halle Berry as Emily Franklin
  • David Moscow as Rick Carlin
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