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Season Episodes Originally aired USA
First aired Last aired
1 10 August 31, 2002 May 3, 2003
2 11 April 5, 2003 October 2, 2004

Episodes ABC August 31, 2002 and October 2, 2004

Season 1 (2001 2002) ABC August 31, 2002 and May 3, 2003

Episodes in USA Episodes ABC Title Directed by Written by Original air date 


106 106 "Strike" Douglas McCarthy Michelle Listenbee Brown October 5, 2002 106
Penny is upset by the small allowance her parents give her for doing chores. Penny and her friends want to do something fun together, but they realize that everything is too expensive for their small allowances. Penny and her friends then go on a strike against their parents to demand a raise in their allowance. Until their demand is met, the children live outside, where they protest with signs while consuming bugs for nutrition. The children's strike is eventually broadcast on television news, but Oscar still declines to raise Penny's allowance. Eventually, Penny's friends abandon the strike when they realize how difficult it is to be away from the comfort of their houses. Penny, the last remaining striker, ultimately reaches an agreement with Oscar for a raise in her allowance.
102 102 "Tiger Whisperer" Douglas McCarthy Alison Taylor September 7, 2002 102
Penny is bored sick of her mother's veterinary job on "Go To Work With Your Mother Day", until a magician with a very despondent tiger shows up at the clinic. Penny forms a bond with the tiger, but her mother, Trudy becomes wary. Oscar tries to go to a basketball game, but the only way he can go is if he sells ice cream at the game, which attracts women, including Wizard Kelly's gorgeous wife, Ginger S. Kelly.
104 104 "Spelling Bee" Bruce W. Smith Jayne Hamil September 21, 2002 104
When Wizard Kelly launches a spelling bee competition, Oscar forces Penny to train and makes her enter the competition so that he can re-live his glory days all over again, but the son of a contestant who lost to Oscar in a spelling bee that happened years ago made other ways to win the competition.

Guest Stars: James Avery as Crandall Smythe, Ken Lawson as Timothy Smythe, and Ron Glass as the Talking Baby.

107 107 "She's Got Game" Douglas McCarthy Doreen Spicer February 15, 2003 107
When Penny tries to impress a boy she likes at school, she ends up on the football team, but Coach Collins refuses to let her play since she is a girl. Penny is finally given her chance when Michael, the coach's son, refuses to play out of fear. Penny then proves herself a capable football player, earning the respect of her teammates. Meanwhile, Oscar develops a new food for the Proud Snax brand called jelly poppers, which pop in more ways than one.

Guest Star: Mablean Ephriam as the Judge

105 105 "Forbidden Date" Douglas McCarthy Dana Hali September 28, 2002 105
Breaking her father's strict "no-dating rule", Penny goes with her friends to the amusement park. Thanks to LaCienega, she ends up with an un-popular, overweight boy named Carlos. Penny thought that Carlos would be a nerd, but ended up being a very caring person and saves Bebe and Cece's lives when they sneak on a roller coaster after they escape from the baby care center at the park.

Guest Star: Kel Mitchell as Carlos

101 101 "Don't Leave Home Without It" Mucci Fassett Michael Carrington & James E. West II August 31, 2002 101
Penny is given a credit card, leaving her to spend massively without her parents knowledge. She then learns the value of a dollar and how credit cards really work. Meanwhile, Oscar tries to get rid of a mouse in the Proud's home, but the Prouds' annoying, 9 year old neighbor Peabo creates more problems for Oscar.

Guest Star: Steve Harvey as the Credit Card. Note(s): The song "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child is featured. This was the only episode of the series that is not available to stream on Disney+. It is also not available to purchase digitally, most likely due to music licensing issues with the episode's use of "Independent Women".

111 111 "Makeover" Douglas McCarthy Jeny Quine April 19, 2003 111
Penny, Dijonay and LaCienega turn Zoey into the perfect date, but then Nubia Gross wants them to do the same with her sister Olay. When they succeed, Olay attracts the attention of many boys and begins hanging out with Penny and her friends, making Nubia jealous. Meanwhile, BeBe and CeCe get their pictures taken, but end up in a baby diaper commercial thanks to Oscar.
108 108 "The Party" Douglas McCarthy Mark Swinton February 22, 2003 108
Penny convinces her parents to let her have a party at their house, but LaCienega is also having a party on the same night. Penny is disappointed when her friends go to LaCienega's party instead. Myron and the Gross Sisters attend Penny's party, along with singer Lou Rawls, who is a friend of Suga Mama. Penny is depressed about her party and the absence of her friends, and is hesitant to partake in the party activities. Eventually, Lou Rawls cheers Penny up by singing his song, "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine". Later, Penny's friends ask her if they can join her party instead, saying that LaCienega's party was a disappointment. Although Penny is upset at her friends, she forgives them and agrees to let them come inside.

Guest Star: Lou Rawls as himself

103 103 "Love Thy Neighbor" Mucci Fassett Michelle Listenbee Brown September 14, 2002 103
During a barbecue at the Boulevardez house, Oscar accidentally causes a fire. Although Oscar and Felix put out the fire, the fire department arrives and one of the firemen insists that they hose down the house, which causes an interior flood. While their house is being repaired, the Boulevardez family stays with the Proud family. Oscar becomes upset when BeBe and CeCe start calling Felix their father. Meanwhile, Penny is upset that she has to share her room with LaCienega, as the two do not get along. During a school swim team practice, Penny and her friends discover that LaCienega has large feet, which she has tried to hide as she is embarrassed by them. After the children laugh at her feet, LaCienega becomes depressed and spends much of her time crying in Penny's room. Oscar cheers up LaCienega after talking to her about how everyone is different in some way. LaCienega goes on to win the Wizard Kelly Teen Pageant after demonstrating her quick swimming speed.
112 112 "I Had a Dream" Mucci Fassett James E. West II & T. Smith III May 3, 2003 112
For Black History Month, Penny and her friends are given school assignments to dress up as prominent black people and give a presentation on how each person contributed to black history. At school, Penny slips on a wet floor that was just mopped. Later, at her house, Penny is tasked with dropping Puff off at a groomer on her way to school, where she will give her presentation on Angela Davis. Penny and Puff get caught in a wind storm on the way to school. Afterwards, Penny is confused when she learns that her friends no longer spend time with Zoey because she is white. When Penny returns home, she learns that the year is 1955. Despite their differences in skin color, Penny becomes friends with Zoey, going against what is considered normal. Penny and Zoey convince their class to unite against segregation, and Penny eventually convinces an outraged mob of the same concept after reciting Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech. Penny wakes up and learns that she was only dreaming, having gone unconscious after falling on the wet floor at school.

Guest Stars: Thomas Mikal Ford as Mr. Webb and Stephen Root as Mr. Andrews

Season 2 (2002 2005) ABC April 5, 2003 and October 2, 2004

Episodes in USA Episodes ABC Title Directed by Written by Original air date 


113 113 "A Star Is Scorned" Mucci Fassett T. Smith III September 20, 2003 113
LaCienega, Penny, Dijonay and Zoey reform LPDZ. They perform a new song that attracts the attention of Wizard Kelly, who signs them to a record deal with Uncle Bobby (Oscar's brother) acting as their manager. Everything turns out well for them until Penny decides to sing solo. She isolates her friends for fame, but begins to miss the life (and the friends) she used to have. Elsewhere, Oscar is annoyed by Penny's success, and begins to go insane because of it.
110 110 "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thingy, Baby" T.J. House James E. West II April 12, 2003 110
Trudy asks Oscar to try to get a popular cartoon character called Thingy to come to BeBe and CeCe's birthday party, but Penny suspects the woman who plays the character is having an affair with her father. Penny then tells her not to come to the party and the babies attack Oscar. In the end, it is revealed the woman who plays Thingy is Debra Williams, Trudy's old roommate from college, and she was the one who introduced Oscar to Trudy several years ago. Penny is then grounded for several weeks due to her actions.

Guest Star: Vanessa Williams as Debra

109 109 "Poetic Justice" Mucci Fassett Nguyen Orange April 5, 2003 109
Penny teaches Dijonay how to spit poetry, who does poorly at first, but does phenomenal on stage, leaving a jealous Penny in her wake. When they enter a spoken word competition, Penny makes it personal by reciting a spiteful poem of Dijonay "betraying" her, but Dijonay counters with a poem about how much Penny's friendship means to her, winning the competition. Meanwhile, the Prouds' 9-year-old neighbor, Peabo annoys Oscar by getting him electrocuted, caught by Trudy when he was being seduced by two beautiful lifeguards, and attacked by a giant bird.

Guest Star: Mos Def as himself

114 114 "Crouching Trudy, Hidden Penny" Douglas McCarthy James E. West II September 27, 2003 114
Penny and her friends are inspired to pick up karate after seeing a movie, and wind up in the same dojo as the Chang triplets. When the star of the movie they saw opens a new dojo in town, her friends abandon her at the dojo they started at. Penny wants to follow her friends to the new dojo, but Trudy forbids it, wanting her to stick with her dojo. Penny is not thrilled when all of her friends are across the street breaking boards, while she is helping the Changs clean the dojo. However, as time goes on, she comes to appreciate her time there, especially after she and the Changs manage to easily defeat her friends in a karate tournament. Penny realizes the reason they won was because their dojo offered discipline, something the other dojo did not have.

Note: The episode name is a reference to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

117 117 "Tween Town" T.J. House Calvin Brown, Jr. October 18, 2003 117
When Penny lies to her parents and sneaks to a teen nightclub, she gets in trouble and is grounded. However, Al Roker overhears her wishing that all the parents on earth would disappear and grants her wish. At first, Penny and her friends love having the parents gone, but then begin to miss them. Penny tries to bargain with Roker to reverse the wish, which will be easier said than done.

Guest Star: Al Roker as himself

115 115 "The Legend of Johnny Lovely" T.J. House & Douglas McCarthy Ray "Cory" Daniels October 4, 2003 115
In an unusual episode, a boy named Johnny Lovely arrives in Wizville and charms all the girls in school except Penny, who is convinced that its nothing but a facade. Papi sings about Johnny Lovely's escapades throughout the episode.

Note: Bloopers are shown at the end of this episode.

116 116 "It Takes a Thief" Mucci Fassett James E. West II October 11, 2003 116
Penny, Dijonay and Zoey get jobs at Wizard Kelly's new jewelry store, largely in part to LaCienega's relationship with the Wizard's son, Wizard Kelly, Jr. One day, the store manager, Randi, accuses them of stealing a watch that goes missing, resulting in all three of them getting fired. While attempting to clear their names, they later discover it was Bebe and Cece who took the watch, courtesy of a video Oscar was filming of an attractive woman in the store. Despite their innocence, the effort to get their jobs back is in vain, as Wizard Jr. has a new girlfriend at the end of the episode, who turns out to be Nubia Gross.

Guest Star: Ashanti as Randi

118 118 "Election" T.J. House & Lenord Robinson Tamiko K. Brooks November 22, 2003 118
Penny runs for student body president, but faces some stiff competition from Wizard Kelly, Jr., who is sho-in to win based on his popularity and status as Wizard Kelly's son. The competition gets fierce, but in the end, Myron is elected, much to everyone's shock.

Guest Star: Rolanda Watts as Reshonda Watson

121 121 "The Bad and the Ugly"

"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

Lenord Robinson James E. West II October 2, 2004 121
LaCienega and ordinary looking classmate Agatha Ordinario with long brown hair enter a singing competition (similar to American Idol) where the winner gets to sing with R&B/Soul singer Alicia Keys. Agatha is the better singer by far, but when Wizard Kelly fixes the votes, LaCienega is forced to make a tough decision.

Guest Stars: Alicia Keys as herself, Randy Jackson as himself, Tim Curry as Percival, Brian Dunkleman as himself, and Erica Rivera as Agatha Ordinario

119 119 "Suga Mama's Believers" T.J. House Dana Hali February 21, 2004 119
Penny and her friends form a baseball team, but they struggle due to Oscar's terrible coaching. Suga Mama steps up and becomes the new coach, and the team improves immediately. Known as the "Believers", they win 9 straight games and earn a spot in the championship final. Their opponents are coached by Cool Papa Mac, an old rival of Suga Mama's from her baseball days. Papa Mac reminds Suga Mama of how she and her team got beat by him and the Nergo League All Stars several years ago. This triggers repressed memories for Suga Mama, who abandons the team. However, while the game is happening, Suga Mama is inspired to return, and makes it just in time for the last inning. Using unconventional strategy, Suga Mama helps the Believers score 4 runs in the last inning to win the game.
120 120 "Twins to Tweens" T.J. House Sabrina D. Campbell September 25, 2004 120
Penny, tired of baby-sitting her younger siblings, wishes they were old enough to take care of themselves. Al Roker grants Penny's wish and turns Cece and Bebe into teens, but they turn out to be a lot more popular than her.

Guest Stars: Al Roker as himself, Lee Thompson Young as Teen Bebe, and Sicily Sewell as Teen Cece