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Episodes American Broadcasting Company January 28, 2006 and April 7, 2007

Season 1 (2006) American Broadcasting Company January 28, 2006 and April 7, 2007

Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Directed by Written by Original air date


101 "Rabbit Face" David Knott Bobs Gannaway January 28, 2006 101
Kuzco faces his first threat of losing his position as emperor when he struggles in P.E. and his teacher threatens to flunk him if he can't win a race with Kronk. However, Principal Amzy (who is really Yzma) tells Kronk to turn Kuzco into a turtle so he has no chance of beating Kronk, but instead, Kronk gives Kuzco the wrong potion and he ends up as a rabbit.

Series Premiere

102 "Squeakend at Bucky's"
"Kuzco Fever"
David Knott Kevin D. Campbell
Bobs Gannaway
February 4, 2006 102
Squeakend at Bucky's: After failing his "squirrel speak" quiz, Kuzco is forced to get tutored by Bucky the Squirrel, whom he really dislikes.

Kuzco Fever: Kuzco is getting sick of living without his emperor luxuries, so he pretends to be sick to tap into the royal funds. However his lie is seen through and later falls into a real sickness caused by Yzma.

103 "Empress Malina"
"The Adventures of Red-Eyed Tree Frog-Man"
Howy Parkins Kevin D. Campbell
Scott Peterson
February 11, 2006 103
Empress Malina: Kuzco is worried that Malina's zit will "throw off his groove" so he tries to make it better with Yzma's potion, but that makes Malina grow a toucan beak.

The Adventures of Red-Eyed Tree Frog Man: Kuzco becomes Red-Eyed Tree Frog-Man after Yzma turns him into a tree frog and acts like a superhero.

104 "Cart Wash"
"Battle of the Bots"
David Knott Nina Bargiel & Jeremy Bargiel
Kevin Seccia
February 18, 2006 104
Cart Wash: Kuzco must raise 100 Kuz-coins for charity by washing carts. Yzma turns him into an elephant to prevent him from being able to wash carts.

Battle of the Bots: All students must invent something in order to graduate. To avoid work Kuzco accidentally activates Yzma's woodbot and then builds a rockbot to stop the woodbot.

105 "Girls Behaving Oddly" Howy Parkins Kevin Seccia February 25, 2006 105
Malina is upset that her life is empty because she got kicked off the cheerleading squad, due to her A-. To try to join her and her new friends Kuzco and Kronk change themselves into girls. Guest star: Grey DeLisle as Moxie
106 "The Lost Kids"
"The Big Fight"
Howy Parkins Mark Seidenberg
Scott Peterson
March 4, 2006 106
The Lost Kids: Kuzco babysits Pacha's kids while Pacha and Chicha go to the "Cure All Spa & Hot Springs" for their anniversary, but the kids forgot to give them their present, so they leave without telling Kuzco, and now he has to bring them back. This is made harder when Yzma transforms the children into monkeys.

The Big Fight: Kuzco fights Kavo, the school bully at sunset because Kuzco has always been making fun of the way Kavo talks. Kronk tries to turn him into a gorilla to help him win, but accidentally changes him into a cat. Right at the end of the fight, Kronk turns Kavo into a mouse. Guest star: Kevin Michael Richardson as Kavo

107 "Kuzclone" David Knott Bobs Gannaway April 8, 2006 107
Kuzclone (Brad Bowllama) is born because of Yzma's cloning spray. The real Kuzco is kidnapped and the imposter Kuzco ruins his grades.
108 "Unfit to Print"
"The Emperor's New Pet"
Howy Parkins Mark Seidenberg April 15, 2006 108
Unfit to Print: Kuzco becomes editor of the academy's newscroll, which makes Malina jealous and angry because Kuzco's lies are more interesting than her real stories.

The Emperor's New Pet: Kuzco must take care of a kitten as his assignment. Unfortunately Yzma turns the kitten into a jaguar.

109 "Peasant for a Day" Howy Parkins Mark Banker April 29, 2006 109
Kuzco must learn about life of a villager. Meanwhile, Kronk gets to be an emperor.
110 "Fortune Cookie Day"
"Gold Fools"
David Knott Glen Eichler
Kevin Seccia
May 13, 2006 110
Fortune Cookie Day: Kuzco falls victim to fortune cookies.

Gold Fools: When Kuzco's attempts to earn money for the cartcycle that he wants to buy fail miserably, he turns to an old legend about magical creatures that are supposed to hand over their gold to you if you catch them.

111 "The Mystery of Micchu Pachu" David Knott Ed Scharlach May 27, 2006 111
Kuzco, Malina and his class visit the ruins of Micchu Pachu. Kuzco is scared but doesn't show it, he wants to go home but if he does he will fail, and thus won't become emperor. Things get worse for Kuzco and Malina when an anteater skeleton appears and begins to terrorize everyone. Guest star: Frank Welker as Creepy Little Old Man
120 "Oops, All Doodles"
"Chipmunky Business"
Howy Parkins Mark Seidenberg
Kevin D. Campbell and Evan Gore
April 7, 2007 120
Oops, All Doodles: After a mask is stolen, Yzma wants to blame Kuzco for taking it. In order to find out who really did it, Kuzco, Malina, Kronk, Yzma, and Pacha all tell their versions of the story, via their own doodles.

Chipmunky Business: For Kuzclub Week, everybody has to join a club for a week or they will fail. Kuzco joins the Jr. Chipmunks, thinking it will be an easy week. However, Yzma sends her nephews, Zim and Zam, to try to make sure Kuzco doesn't get a badge so he can't pass. Special Guest stars: Dylan and Cole Sprouse as Zim and Zam Note: "Oops, All Doodles" is the only episode where Kronk, Yzma, and Pacha draw doodles. Series Finale

117 "Clash of the Families" David Knott John Matta & Ken Daly November 4, 2006 117
It's the national celebration "Famaolimpics". Since Malina promised that she would clash dance with the winner, Kuzco switches families between Pacha's and Kronk's.
112 "The New Kid"
"Officer Kronk"
Howy Parkins Kevin D. Campbell and Brian Swenlin
Mark Seidenberg
September 9, 2006 112
The New Kid: Ozker, a young emperor like Kuzco as well as his biggest fan, comes to the academy as a new student. However, Kuzco thinks Ozker is actually Yzma is disguise. Guest star: Corey Burton as Ozker

Officer Kronk: Kronk becomes a hall monitor, but Kuzco frames him and now makes up rules.

113 "Kronk Moves In" David Knott and Howy Parkins Mark Seidenberg September 16, 2006 113
After Yzma fires Kronk, he moves into Pacha's house. The entire family warms up to Kronk, which makes Kuzco jealous. So he tries to get the family's attention back on him.
115 "Kuzcogarten"
"Evil and Eviler"
Howy Parkins Kevin Seccia
Mark Banker
September 30, 2006 115
Kuzcogarten: After Yzma and Kronk find out that Kuzco never finished Kuzcogarten, the young emperor is sent back to finish it. As usual, Yzma tries to ruin his chances of passing by disguising as a Kuzcogarten student. Guest star: Chloë Grace Moretz as Furi

Evil and Eviler: Yzma hires an emperor exterminator to get rid of Kuzco. Guest star: Tisha Terrasini Banker as Miss Ni

119 "The Bride of Kuzco" David Knott Ed Scharlach March 31, 2007 119
Kuzco cancels his "date-date" with Malina because of his arranged marriage with princess Lalala, because if he marries her, he will instantaneously be emperor. Unfortunately his bride is not as beautiful as she seems to be but when Lalala turns into a frog, the wedding must be canceled. Guest stars: Teresa Ganzel as Princess Lalala and Ellen Albertini Dow as Azma
114 "U.F.kuzcO, (Unidentified Flying Kuzco)"
"Attack Sub"
Howy Parkins Bobs Gannaway
Michael Grodner
September 23, 2006 114
U.F.kuzcO: Kuzco thinks space people that are looking for him exist.

Attack Sub: A mean substitute teacher Mr. Nadaempa, takes over while Mr. Moleguaco is on vacation. Guest star: John DiMaggio as Mr. Nadaempa

116 "The Yzma That Stole Kuzcoween"
"Monster Masquerade"
David Knott and Howy Parkins Mark Seidenberg
Kevin Seccia
October 28, 2006 116
The Yzma That Stole Kuzcoween: In a parody of Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Yzma wants to get rid of Kuzcoween and call it Yzmaween.

Monster Masquerade: Malina gets a letter from a secret admirer, causing Kuzco and Kronk looking for him.

118 "Yzmopolis" David Knott and Howy Parkins Kevin D. Campbell and Ed Scharlach November 18, 2006 118
In a parody of It's a Wonderful Life, Kuzco wishes he'd never been emperor, and his wish changes everything where Yzma is the empress.

Note: Yzma's attempt to destroy Pacha's hut and make it into Yzmatopia was just like Kuzco's attempt to do the same thing in The Emperor's New Groove, making it into Kuzcotopia. After the episode comes a short on "Bucky the Squirrel in Balloonatic." Bucky tries to cheer up his little sister with balloon sculptures.