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Episodes American Broadcasting Company September 17, 2005 and January 7, 2006

All episodes were directed by Dave Wasson.

Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Written by Original air date


104 "The Flyinator"
Rachel Duguay
Alicia Sky Varinaitis
October 8, 2005 104
"The Flyinator": When Maggie can't see the same movies as Aldrin she starts trying to be better than he is; she sneaks into an R-rated movie to be better than he is.
"Ladybugged": When Maggie thinks up a theme for the school dance, it is quickly threatened by a new student, who apparently has a better theme.
101 "Funball"
"The Science Whatchamacallit"
Dan Fybel and Rich Rinaldi
Rachel Duguay
September 17, 2005 101
"Funball": Maggie devises a new game for her little brother Pupert to play so he can beat Aldrin at something, but when Aldrin starts to get the hang of the game things take an unexpected turn for the worse.
"The Science Whatchamacallit": Maggie and Rayna try to get their science partners who are really smart to do all the work for an assignment, but when it comes time to present the projects something unexpected happens.
103 "The Candidate"
Rachelle Romberg
Dave Polsky
October 1, 2005 103
"The Candidate": The school bully faces some competition for the title of Homecoming Queen when Maggie gives an ugly butterfly named Maria a makeover.
"Germy": When Maggie wants to bring home a pet germ, her dad won't let her so she sneaks it home, but faces a problem with training especially when Maggie's parents find out.
106 "The Price of Fame"
"King Flear"
Rachelle Romberg
Manny Basanese
November 5, 2005 106
"The Price of Fame": Maggie suggests that Pupert uses music to impress a girl.
"King Flear": Maggie directs her classmates in a play for a drama competition.
107 "Bugsitting"
"Le Termite"
Laura Perkins Brittain
Rachel Duguay
November 12, 2005 107
"Bugsitting": Maggie has to babysit, which conflicts with a promise she made to Pupert.
"Le Termite": Maggie gets a job as a maid at a gourmet restaurant, but tells her parents that she is the head chef.
108 "Slumber Party"
"Spelling Bees"
Will Berson
Manny Basanese
January 7, 2006 108
"Slumber Party": Maggie's parents decide to leave Maggie in charge of Pupert while they take Aldrin to a big flyball game. Unbeknownst to her parents, Maggie hosts a slumber party to which Rayna invites some nocturnal guests.
"Spelling Bees": Maggie's favorite spelling team are holding auditions for a new speller, but only accepts famous bees, leaving Maggie to disguise herself as one.
102 "The Usual Insects"
"Sister Act"
Chris Bowman
Katherine Butler
September 24, 2005 102
"The Usual Insects": Maggie and her friends' school records are sabotaged when Dawn becomes office assistant.
"Sister Act": Maggie and her baby sister Bella audition for a baby food commercial.
105 "The Big Score"
"Scare Wars"
Dan Fybel and Rich Rinaldi
Rachel Duguay
October 22, 2005 105
"The Big Score": Maggie and her friends head to the human world to go trick-or-treating.
"Scare Wars": The Pesky children attempt to out scare one another and this year Maggie is the target.