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Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired Network
1 12 September 9, 2002 September 14, 2002 Disney Channel
2 18 September 15, 2002 April 25, 2003
3 22 September 24, 2002 February 3, 2003 Disney Channel
4 22 October 2, 2002 December 3, 2002
5 22 October 12, 2002 October 24, 2002
6 22 October 24, 2002 June 2, 2003

Episodes Disney Channel September 9, 2002 and June 2, 2003

Season 1 (1994) Disney Channel September 9, 2002 and September 14, 2002

Episodes Disney Channel Title Directed by Written by Original air date


101 Two identical twin girls (Tia and Tamera Mowry), separated at birth, finally meet and vow to stay together forever. "The Meeting"

Series Premiere

Zane Buzby Kim Bass and Gary Gilbert & Fred Shafferman September 9, 2002 101
At a shopping mall, identical twins Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell meet for the first time, but Lisa gets a job in St. Louis, and Tia is worried that she will not see Tamera again. Tia and Tamera get lost at a local train suburb, where they are found by Lisa and Ray and they discuss Tia and Lisa moving into Tamera and Ray's house.
102 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) gets a first date for the school dance, but Tia (Tia Mowry) seems to be left out in the cold. "First Dates"

Series Premiere

Zane Buzby Josh Goldstein September 9, 2002 102
Having found a date, Tamera sidesteps a pact with Tia in which they agreed to forgo the school dance unless they both had dates.
108 Tia and Tamera scheme to have Sarah's ex-boyfriend visit their slumber party. "Slumber Party" John Sgueglia Phil Doran September 12, 2002 108
Tia and Tamera invite a few girls from school for a slumber party, but their friend Sarah is not enjoying the party because her parents forbid her to see her boyfriend, Adam, who shows up at the party to see her. Meanwhile, when Lisa and Ray take the twins to the video store, Lisa catches her boyfriend cheating.
103 Tamera coaxes Tia (Tamera and Tia Mowry) into taking a test for her but is nabbed when her teacher (Kathleen Mitchell) finds out. "Cheater, Cheater" Zane Buzby Vanessa Middleton September 10, 2002 103
When Tia makes the Honor Roll at school, Tamera overhears Ray saying he'd tell the world if she made it as well. Tamera then goes on a mission to ace a test and studies all night long, but cannot remember anything in the morning. After Tia takes the test for her, she gets caught by the teacher. Leaving the principal's office, Tia and Tamera try to make it home before their parents to intercept the principal's phone call.
110 Danielle's (Leilani Jones) wedding is suddenly called off; Tia (Tia Mowry) is pleased when asked out by a supermarket box boy. "Wedding Bells & Box Boys" Terri McCoy Josh Goldstein September 13, 2002 110
Tia is excited when a 16-year-old boy asks her out on a car date, until Lisa forbids her to go. Meanwhile, Lisa designs a wedding dress for a bride but when Ray is caught kissing her in the kitchen, the wedding gets canceled and Lisa is left without a check.
107 Some wrong bus transfers leave the twins (Tia and Tamera Mowry) lost on the way back from a downtown movie. "Out Alone" Terri McCoy Kriss Turner September 12, 2002 107
Tia and Tamera get lost on a bus ride home after going to the movies. Lisa convinces Ray to take her cat, "Little Ray", to the vet.
105 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) trades places with her twin sister, Tia (Tia Mowry), on a date when a zit forces her into seclusion. "The Pimple" Zane Buzby Larry Wilmore September 11, 2002 105
When Tia gets a pimple on her face, she asks Tamera to go out on a date in her place. Meanwhile, Lisa is excited about starting her own fashion business, but when a lady wants to return one of her dresses, Ray tries to hide it from her.
109 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) dents her dad's car; Lisa (Jackee Harry) wants Ray (Tim Reid) to help bake 80 loaves of bread for a fund-raiser. "Car Trouble" Leonard R. Garner, Jr. Vanessa Middleton & Larry Wilmore September 13, 2002 109
When Lisa and Ray leave in Lisa's new car, Tamera finds Ray's keys and drives his car, but hits a trash can and scratches the paint job. When Ray notices the scratch, he blames Lisa. Roger witnesses the event and cons the twins into becoming his girlfriends for a week.
104 Ray and Lisa (Tim Reid, Jackee Harry) accompany Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) on a birthday trip to Chicago. "The Birthday" Zane Buzby Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips September 10, 2002 104
For the twins' birthday present, Ray gives them a limo trip to Chicago for a weekend, prompting Lisa to feel like he's spoiling them. They bring along their friend, Sarah, but the twins make her feel left out, which starts a fight. The girls begin taking advantage of room service.
106 Fearing separation if either of their parents remarry, the twins scheme to break up Ray's relationship. "Love Strikes" Art Dielhenn Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips September 11, 2002 106
While on their family bowling night, Ray meets a lady named Beverly, to whom he takes a liking. After meeting Beverly, Tia, Tamera and Lisa dislike her, and the twins try to break them up.
111 Lisa's mother comes to visit, and she thinks that Lisa and Ray are married. "Mothers and Other Strangers"

Season Finale

Terri McCoy Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips September 14, 2002 111
Lisa's mother comes to visit. Lisa told her mother that she was married to Ray, and persuades Ray into pretending to be her husband. Meanwhile, Tia, Tamera, and Roger prepare for a talent show.

Note: This episode was held over and aired with Season 2, but its still listed as a Season 1 episode.

112 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) are disappointed after meeting their idol; Lisa and Ray (Jackee Harry, Tim Reid) get friendly. "The Concert"

Season Finale

Terri McCoy Terry Hart September 14, 2002 112
Appalled by a rap artist's lyrics, Lisa and Ray refuse to buy concert tickets for the twins. The two then win a radio contest and are awarded backstage passes, but are left unimpressed upon meeting their rap idol.

Season 2 (1994 1995) Disney Channel September 15, 2002 and April 25, 2003

Episodes Disney Channel Title Directed by Written by Original air date


114 Against Ray's (Tim Reid) protests, Lisa (Jackee Harry) takes the twins (Tia and Tamera Mowry) for make-overs. "Hair Today"

Season Premiere

Art Dielhenn Kriss Turner September 15, 2002 114
Tia and Tamera just started their first day in high school. The girls and Lisa get a makeover. While Tia ends up looking the same, Tamera's makeover goes much better and she gets to join the "cool crowd", leaving Tia out in the cold. Things only get worse when Tia tries to give herself a makeover and it backfires badly.
113 The twins (Tia and Tamera Mowry) try to get part-time jobs; Lisa (Jackee Harry) helps Roger (Marques Houston) get earrings back from a girl at school. "Get a Job"

Season Premiere

Art Dielhenn Bernadette Luckett September 15, 2002 113
Ray puts the twins to work at the limo service, but the girls look for a way out when a handsome manager offers them jobs at a local burger joint. They want to do both jobs, so one twin goes to Rocket Burger and has to balance both twins and so does the other twin at Ray's Limo Service.

Note: Tahj Mowry (younger brother of Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry) guest stars in this episode as their cousin.

115 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) are asked out by the same person (Merlin Santana); Ray (Tim Reid) loses Lisa's (Jackee Harry) cat. "Joey's Choice" Art Dielhenn Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips September 16, 2002 115
Thinking they are the same person, a guy inadvertently asks both twins for dates; Lisa goes shopping for a handsome supermarket manager. What will happen when the twins figure out what's going on, and will Lisa find true love at long last?

Note: This is the first episode to feature Dorien Wilson as Terrence.

117 Tia and Tamera contemplate how to handle their immature dates, while Roger struggles with a tall dance partner. "A Tall Tale" Terri McCoy Phil Doran September 17, 2002 117
The twins find their dates for a big dance to be less than perfect gentlemen. Meanwhile, Roger arranges his own blind date. Tia and Tamera contemplate how to handle their immature dates, while Roger struggles with a tall dance partner.
120 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) seeks Tia's (Tia Mowry) help when she meets a stranger on the bus. With Tim Reid and Jackee Harry. "It's a Love Thang" Chuck Vinson Bernadette Luckett & Kriss Turner September 18, 2002 120
Tia helps Tamera meet a cute guy that they see on the bus. But a little too late, Tamera finds out that the cute boy was only 12. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to tell Terrence she loves him.
118 The twins take pity on a mistreated pig; Lisa vows to make peace with the people to whom she has been mean. "Free Billy" Terri McCoy Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips September 17, 2002 118
Ray wants to make a commercial for "Ray's Limo Service" but he cannot get the lines right! Tia and Tamera are also in the commercial, and find a pig that is being abused. They take it to their house but have to hide it from their parents. When Ray and Lisa find out Billy the pig, he has to go. Meanwhile, Lisa has two "near-death" experiences; One being suffocating in soup and another with a ceiling fan.
121 While being treated in the hospital where they were born, Tia and Tamera search for their birth records. "Operation: Deja View" Art Dielhenn Larry Wilmore September 19, 2002 121
The twins' appendixes hurt and they are rushed to the hospital. After the surgery, they discover that they were born in that same hospital and decide to look for their birth records. While on their search they go into a room full of deceased bodies. Ray sings to the elderly at the hospital.
119 When Tia and Tamera get driving permits, Ray and Lisa decide to teach each other's daughters to drive. "Two for the Road" Terri McCoy Brian Pollack & Mert Rich September 18, 2002 119
The twins have just received their learner's permits, so they are eager to get out on the road. Lisa teaches Tia how to drive while Ray teaches Tamera. But when things go wrong, Ray suggests they go to an empty parking lot to practice their driving, which ends in an accident.
122 When guests for Tia and Tamera's (Tia and Tamera Mowry) party are late, Lisa, Ray and Roger (Jackee Harry, Tim Reid, Marques Houston) round up some replacements. "It's a Party Thang" Art Dielhenn Bernadette Luckett & Kriss Turner September 19, 2002 122
In an effort to reassert themselves socially, the twins plan the party to end all parties; and, when their guests are late, Lisa, Ray and Roger round up some replacement guests so the twins do not feel bad.
123 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) disappoint their favorite teacher (Phill Lewis), and Roger (Marques Houston) becomes irresistible to women. "Field Trip" Art Dielhenn Phil Doran September 20, 2002 123
On a school field trip, a cool teacher loses his temper with the twins and gives them detention; Roger's crush leads him to thievery- and soon infamy. When the museum's love statue ends up with Roger, women suddenly find him irresistible. Meanwhile, Lisa and Terrance begin fighting once she catches him flirting with the clerk, Latina, at the mall and he catches her flirting with the mailman.

Guest Star: Phill Lewis as Ed

125 Tamera's higher score on the SAT causes Tia to lose self-confidence. "Put to the Test" Art Dielhenn Bernadette Luckett September 21, 2002 125
Tia and Tamera take the S.A.T exams, and later when the results come back the twins get surprising test scores; Lisa tries to sell some of her at a boutique store, but she is snubbed by the owner.
124 After Tamera (Tamera Mowry) lands the lead in the school play and Tia (Tia Mowry) a minor role, the director swaps them. "Kid in Play" Peter Baldwin Larry Wilmore September 20, 2002 124
Tia is offered the lead in the school play but only after Tamera forfeits the part by being late for a rehearsal.
116 Tia (Tia Mowry) can't stop dreaming about her boss (Victor Togunde); Lisa (Jackee Harry) fixes Ray (Tim Reid) up with a blind date (Olivia Brown). "Dream Lover" Chuck Vinson Larry Wilmore September 16, 2002 116
Tia is grossed out by a bizarre dream in which she finds herself to be the object of her boss's affection; Lisa fixes Ray up with a blind date.
127 A school assignment on family planning marries the twins to two guys. "Scrambled Eggs" Art Dielhenn Kriss Turner September 22, 2002 127
Tia and Tamera's school project on parenting is not what it's cracked up to be when Tamera is paired with Roger; Lisa tries to impress Terrence's religious parents; and Ray gives an e-mail dating system a try. Special Guest Star: Al Fann as Reverend Winningham.
1117 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) try smoking with their friends, but their parents (Jackee Harry, Tim Reid) soon find out. "Smoking in the Girls' Room"

Season Finale

Chuck Vinson Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips April 25, 2003 1117
When Lisa uses the twins' new answering machine to monitor their activities, she discovers that they may have started smoking.
128 Lisa (Jackee Harry) arranges for Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) to skip school on exam day; Ray and Roger (Tim Reid, Marques Houston) cause house problems. "Playing Hooky" David Blackwell Josh Goldstein September 22, 2002 128
The twins have a huge exam coming up, and they are very stressed. On the day of the exam Lisa picks the twins up from school, and takes them out for a day of fun. When they get home, Ray has found out and he and Lisa get into a huge argument.
126 A schoolmate (Anna Sloty) tries to look and act like Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) in order to gain their friendship. "Single White Teenager" Art Dielhenn Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips September 21, 2002 126
Tamera finds a new buddy named Denise, while Tia's sick at home, but the twins are freaked out when Denise begins to act and dress like them in order to secure their friendship.
129 Lisa (Jackee Harry) accepts a marriage proposal from Terrence (Dorien Wilson), but then dreams she is marrying Ray (Tim Reid). "I Do?" Art Dielhenn Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips September 23, 2002 129
Terrence proposes to Lisa and she says yes. However while planning the wedding Lisa has a bizarre dream makes her think twice about the nuptials.

Season 3 (1995 1996) Disney Channel September 23, 2002 and February 3, 2003

Episodes Disney Channel Title Directed by Written by Original air date


131 Tia (Tia Mowry) changes her class schedule for a cute boy; Tamera's (Tamera Mowry) dad strikes out as her coach. "The Natural" Art Dielhenn Ernest Nyle Brown September 24, 2002 131
On the first day of school and both of them started their sophomore year, Tia sets her sights on the new boy at school and changes her entire schedule to be in his classes - including auto repair and wood shop - before discovering he already has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Tamera joins the school's softball team, but unwanted coaching from an overzealous Ray makes her want to escape the pressure by quitting.
132 Lisa's (Jackee Harry) breakup leaves Ray (Tim Reid) friendless and Tia (Tia Mowry) with an interest in Roger (Marques Houston). "The Break-Up" Art Dielhenn Regina Y. Hicks September 24, 2002 132
Love is a many-splintered thing: Lisa and Terrence break-up over her refusal to get married, leaving Ray friendless and Lisa upset when he tries to keeping hanging out with Terrence. Meanwhile, Roger tries to use reverse psychology to win Tamera's heart, but winds up kindling interest in Tia and conflict between the sisters.
130 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) switches places with Tia (Tia Mowry) to tutor a cute jock in history, but her plan fails. "The Tutor"

Season Premiere

Art Dielhenn Andy Guerdat September 23, 2002 130
Tamera's scheme to get a date has her trying to fill Tia's shoes as a tutor for the captain of the football team. Meanwhile, Ray plays police officer to help Lisa turn heads at her high-school reunion, where she looks forward to meeting her old flame David Johnson.
133 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) learns a lesson about skipping school when Ray (Tim Reid) reveals a dark secret from the past. "History a La Carte" Art Dielhenn Janet Lynne Jackson September 25, 2002 133
Lisa gets an unexpected inheritance from an aunt, and Ray tries to persuade her to follow her dream by opening her own store with the money. Meanwhile, Ray agrees to be Tamera's extra-credit history project when the girls discover that he had been denied FBI clearance because he was arrested in the '60s - but does not tell them it was not for protesting but for streaking.

Absent: Marques Houston as Roger Evans

134 Ray's (Tim Reid) free-spirited father (Sherman Hemsley) shakes up Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) and makes a pass at Lisa (Jackee Harry). "Grandpa Campbell" Art Dielhenn Robert Illes & Dennis Pollack September 25, 2002 134
A visit from shady Grandpa Campbell (Sherman Hemsley) has Ray keeping an eye on his wallet and on Lisa: his father has a crush on her. Meanwhile, Tamera turns tycoon when the elder Campbell helps her turn a school project into an exercise in greed. Ray has never been a fan of his father, who he perceives as an opportunist. But when Grandpa Campbell shows up, Ray makes the best of his visit. For the first time, Grandpa Campbell seems attentive to Ray and his family. Ray begins to see a new side of his father, as Grandpa Campbell gets involved with Tia and Tamera's projects for their school's entrepreneur week. When Grandpa Campbell leaves, Ray feels better about his relationship with his Dad, despite Grandpa Campbell leaving with some of Ray's money.
135 Tia gets fired from her job because of Tamera's irresponsible behavior. "The Twins Get Fired" Art Dielhenn Steve Kreinberg September 26, 2002 135
When Tia gets a promotion to assistant manager at Rocket Burger, Tamera sees it as an opportunity to slack off. But she forgets to close the freezer door one night which causes all of its contents to spoil. This incident causes Tia to be fired. The manager, not knowing the truth, offers the now vacant assistant manager position to Tamera. Tamera turns into a diva in a uniform ordering everyone around, and doing little work herself. It catches up with her, and she gets fired too. The job then gets passed on Roger. Meanwhile, Lisa must explain to her date why Ray is in her house late at night in his bath robe.
158 The twins nab Ray's car on Halloween to search for a party, but end up at the Canadian border and on the late-night news. "Halloween" Howard Storm Andy Guerdat October 7, 2002 158
The twins nab Ray's car on Halloween to search for a party, but end up at the Canada–US border and on the late-night news.
136 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) believes her father's (Tim Reid) amorous relationship with her science teacher will assure good grades. With Tia Mowry, Jackee Harry. "Weird Science" Dinah Manoff Larry Balmagia September 26, 2002 136
While at a Science Fair at school, Ray meets Paula, the twins' science teacher, and the two grow to like each other. Taking advantage of this, Tamera (and eventually Tia) begin to slack off on their schoolwork. Catching on to girls, Ray says he is going to break up with Paula so the girls' will do their reports. Will Tamera end the love, or will it be a "happily ever after" ending? Meanwhile, Lisa has second thoughts about her clothing business when her mall neighbors shun her. They end up stealing her cart as a joke and Lisa goes crazy. Will she find her cart?
1110 Tia and Lisa (Tia Mowry, Jackee Harry) convince Ray (Tim Reid) to bring Tamera (Tamera Mowry) and join them in Hawaii for a memorable Thanksgiving. "Thanksgiving in Hawaii (Part 1)" Jack Shea Robert Illes & Dennis Pollack November 23, 2002 1110
Lisa and Terrence were going to take Tia to a time share in Hawaii for Thanksgiving, but since their break up things are different. Lisa thinks Terrence will not go, and Terrence thinks Lisa will not go. Of course, they both do go. Lisa invites Ray and Tamera to join them for a family Thanksgiving while Terrence invites Tonya, Ray's ex-girlfriend. When they all show up at the condo, chaos ensues. A traditional Thanksgiving this is not. The twins decide to slip out and explore the island, only to find themselves on a sail boat drifting out to sea.

Note: John Ratzenberger guest stars as "Gus" the transplanted islander/handyman of the condo complex.

1111 Ray (Tim Reid) and Lisa (Jackee Harry) settle their differences just as the twins (Tia and Tamera Mowry) are discovered drifting out to sea. "Thanksgiving in Hawaii (Part 2)" Jack Shea Robert Illes & Dennis Pollack November 24, 2002 1111
The adults realize that the girls are missing and set out to find them. When Tia decides to swim to shore, they realize that they have drifted out from the shore, but the water is still only 2 feet (0.61 m) deep. They get back to shore, only to find that the adults have gone out to sea in search of them. The twins decide to head back and begin making Thanksgiving dinner, so their parents will not be so angry when they get home. When everyone is finally back at the condo, they begin to have that long awaited Thanksgiving dinner when a tsunami warning sounds, and they all duck for cover.
137 Tia (Tia Mowry) has second thoughts about going away to a private school after she visits the campus. With Tamera Mowry and Tim Reid. "Private School" Terri McCoy Demetrius A. Bady September 27, 2002 137
Tia gets accepted to the boarding school she has always dreamed of attending. Lisa is anxious because she has spent the savings for tuition on other things. When Tia goes to the school for a weekend orientation, she realizes that her family is more important to her than this school. Tamera in the meantime has already rearranged their bedroom and boxed Tia's things up. Tia does not know how to tell Lisa she does not want to go to boarding school; and Lisa does not know how to tell Tia she does not have the money to send her.

Marques Houston does not appear in this episode.

1103 The girls use their Christmas money to pay a loan shark who hounds Grandpa Campbell (Sherman Hemsley). "Christmas" Gary Shimokawa Robert Illes & Dennis Pollack October 31, 2002 1103
Grandpa Campbell returns for the holidays, and he owes $1,000 to a loan shark, which Tia, Tamera and Lisa secretly repay with money they'd been saving to buy Christmas gifts.
138 Tia (Tia Mowry) asks Tamera (Tamera Mowry) to impersonate her when she suddenly receives two dates to the same party. With Tim Reid. "Double Double Date" Terri McCoy Regina Y. Hicks September 27, 2002 138
Tia's originally dateless night turns into double trouble when she accepts two invitations to the same party - and then enlists Tamera's help in keeping her dates apart.
140 Tia discovers just how boring her family life really is when she videotapes everyone for a school project. "Reality Really Bites" Art Dielhenn Ernest Nyle Brown September 28, 2002 140
Tia's film project, which begins as a comedy, turns tragic when she manipulates her family - including a lovesick Tamera - to make her documentary more interesting with the help of Roger. When it comes time to screen her film, it turns out she has scrapped all the manipulated footage and replaced it with an apology to her family.
139 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) set out to track down the lost love of a retirement home resident (guest star Milton Berle). "The Volunteers" J.D. Lobue Janet Lynn Jackson September 28, 2002 139
When Tia and Tamera volunteer for community service at a retirement home, Tamera's charge Edgar (Milton Berle) proves to be more than she can handle. Meanwhile, Ray's shot as a teacher turns into a snooze-fest for his students.
1115 Tia tries to help Tamera win back her boyfriend while helping Ray and Lisa discover their true feelings for each other. "Valentine's Day"

Season Finale

Art Dielhenn Andy Guerdat February 3, 2003 1115
Tia is messing around with everybody's minds when she tries to apply techniques she learned in psychology class to Tamera, Ray and Lisa when she discovers that Ray and Lisa have exchanged valentines. Meanwhile, Tamera goes to the Valentine's Day Dance with Roger after the boy she originally asked to go with rejects her.
142 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) demand better benefits when they take part-time jobs at Terrence's (guest star Dorien Wilson) grocery store. "Paper or Plastic?" Art Dielhenn Steve Sullivan & Ursula Ziegler September 29, 2002 142
When several of Terrence's workers go on strike at the grocery store in hopes of getting higher wages, Terrence asks Tia and Tamera to come work for him. Tamera takes Terrence up on his offer, and when Tia sees Tamera living it up on the wages from her new job, she quickly abandons her principles and also begins working at the store. Tia and Tamera begin feeling exploited when they find out they are working for no benefits and half the money as the regular workers. They tell Terrence that they and the other replacement workers will go on strike unless they are better compensated. Their threat causes Terrence to reach an agreement with his regular workers, leaving Tia, Tamera and the rest of the replacement workers unemployed.
141 Tamera prepares for her upcoming recital, but is unaware of how her family really feels about her talent. "The Piano Lesson" Art Dielhenn Dave Digregorio & Arnie Wess September 29, 2002 141
Ray tries to encourage Tamera by over-praising her piano playing, but the truth comes out at a recital — much to Tamera's embarrassment. Meanwhile, Lisa organizes a yard sale that turns into an expensive proposition for Ray.
145 Tamera takes Tia's place as a camp counselor, but grandfather Jimmy (Sherman Hemsley) is not fooled. "Summer Bummer" Jackée Harry Brian Pollack & Mert Rich October 1, 2002 145
Everyone's fooled when the twins switch identities for the summer — so Tia can get close to a boy and Tamera can escape summer school — until their grandfather shows up and sends everyone into an uproar.
143 Class presidential candidate Tamera appropriates Tia's ideas. "The Candidate" John Ratzenberger Story by : DeShawn Schneider & Monika Mikklesen

Teleplay by : Robert Illes & Dennis Pollack

September 30, 2002 143
Tamera enlists Tia's aid to compete with Rhonda for class president in the school election, but after she's elected, she quickly forces Tia out of the limelight. Meanwhile, Ray gets some help from a bumbling mall security officer in catching a neighborhood burglar.
146 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) finds her own crowd when she doesn't fit in with Tia's (Tia Mowry) new intellectual college friends. "Big Twin on Campus" Jack Shea Brian Pollack & Mert Rich October 1, 2002 146
Tia lies about her age to her new college-boy beau Michael, making her popular with the cool coffeehouse set — and leaving Tamera out in the cold. Meanwhile, Lisa and Terrence seem to be on the way to a romantic reconciliation.

Note: This is the last episode to feature Terrence.

144 Tamera gets to sing the blues when radio personality Casey Kasem returns for a dedication at his high school. "The Audition" Dwayne Hickman Steve Kreinberg September 30, 2002 144
In The Season 3 Finale Casey Kasem, an alumnus of Roosevelt High, is scheduled to return to his alma mater to dedicate a performing arts center, and an audition is held to pick a student to perform at the festivities. Meanwhile, Ray bets Lisa that he can tighten his weekly budget to a measly twenty dollars, only to find out that the bet is a bit more snug than he anticipated.

Season 4 (1996 1997) Disney Channel October 2, 2002 and December 3, 2002

Episodes Disney Channel Title Directed by Written by Original air date


148 It's every woman for herself as the sisters (Tia and Tamera Mowry) compete for Roger's (Marques Houston) favor. "When a Man Loves Two Women"

Season Premiere

Asaad Kelada Regina Y. Hicks October 2, 2002 148
Geeky Roger has transformed over the summer and soon begins dating Tia & Tamera at the same time. When the girls finally find out that Roger's dating them both, they get another surprise; it turns out that Roger is not dating just them, but half of the other girls at school as well.
147 When the twins question their heritage, Lisa and Ray decide to find the identity of their birth mother. "You Are So Beautiful"

Season Premiere

Asaad Kelada Leslie Ray & David Steven Simon October 2, 2002 147
After an ugly encounter with last year's prom queen Rhonda, the twins start seeming insecure about their looks, and question Ray and Lisa about their birth parents. Meanwhile, Ray tries to think of a birthday gift for Lisa.

Absent: Marques Houston as Roger Evans

149 When the Campbell's (Tim Reid and Jackee Harry) get a second car, the twins (Tamera and Tia Mowry) abuse their access and don't follow the rules. "Gimme a Brake" Asaad Kelada Leilani Downer October 3, 2002 149
Ray and Lisa just purchased the twins a 1993 Mazda Convertible, and out past curfew the twins get lost and end up sinking their car in Lake Erie and choose not to tell Lisa and Ray. However, Lisa and Ray watch the news and find out what happened to the twins' car. But instead of grounding Tia and Tamera, they decide to give the twins a punishment that consists of a lot of running around and chores that are easier with a car.
150 Tia's (Tia Mowry) close relationship with her dad (Tim Reid) is a source of jealousy for Tamera (Tamera Mowry). "Daddy's Girl" Asaad Kelada Jeffrey Duteil October 3, 2002 150
Tamera grows jealous when Tia begins spending more time with Ray. But when Ray invites Tia to a father-daughter dance, Tamera realizes that there's enough of her dad to go around.

Absent: Marques Houston as Roger Evans

151 Tia and Tamera's tryout for the cheerleading squad ends in humiliation. "Sis Boom Bah" Asaad Kelada Leonard Dick October 4, 2002 151
Ray helps the twins bounce back after they try out for the cheerleading team and make the C squad, a.k.a. "the odd squad." Meanwhile, Lisa's gimmick to attract new customers backfires.

Absent: Marques Houston as Roger Evans

152 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) slip in popularity; Lisa's (Jackee Harry) date with a doctor makes Ray (Tim Reid) jealous. "Kid-Napped" Asaad Kelada Terence Winter October 4, 2002 152
After the twins' rival steals their friends by hosting a party where the NBA's Kobe Bryant (who has a cameo) is a guest, they kidnap a star rapper (Christopher "Kid" Reid) and have their own party. Meanwhile, Lisa dates a doctor.
153 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) develops a crush on a childhood friend of Tia's (Tia Mowry). "Boy from the Hood" Asaad Kelada Regina Y. Hicks October 5, 2002 153
Tia's surprised when her childhood friend Darnell (Jason Weaver) moves back to Detroit, and while staying with the family, he soon sets his sight on Tamera. With Tamera at his heels, Tia tries warning Tamera that Darnell is not the same as he used to be, but Tamera ignores Tia's warnings. Darnell then escorts Tamera to a wild party in a dangerous neighborhood. Will Tamera realize that Darnell is not what he seems to be? Meanwhile Lisa hangs out with one of her old pals, Patrice.
154 Tia (Tia Mowry) gets a job in a diner to escape her twin sister, only to find Tamera (Tamera Mowry) working there, too. "I'll Be There" Asaad Kelada Tom Amundsen October 5, 2002 154
Happy days arrive for Tia when she gets a job at a '50s-themed diner. But Tia gets fed up with being seen as a twin all the time, then the boss hires Tamera. Meanwhile, Ray becomes Lisa's not-so-silent business partner.
155 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) finally witness a romantic moment between Ray and Lisa (Tim Reid, Jackee Harry). "Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes" Sheldon Epps Stephen Neigher October 6, 2002 155
Tia and Tamera come up with an excellent plan to get Ray and Lisa together for a romantic evening. Everything is going planned until Lisa's friend Patrice visits and everything comes to a screeching halt.
156 Lisa comes between Ray and his prospective business partner; Tia takes Tamera's place on yearbook picture day. "Double Exposure" Asaad Kelada Ellen Guylas October 6, 2002 156
It's time again for the yearbook photo to be taken. Last year's photo was a mess and this year Tamera plans to make it her best yearbook photo ever. But things take a huge turn when Tamera tries an overnight moisturizer, and when morning comes Tamera's face is red and blotchy. Tamera begs Tia to take her photo for her so that last year's incident will not happen all over again. This time Tamera's photo came out great thanks to Tia, but on the other hand Tia's own photo did not present her best side. Tamera is now nominated for beauty queen, and is asked to the school dance by the hottest guy, Pico, an ego maniac, but Tia goes with Elliot, a school nerd. Will Tamera confess that her so called photo is really Tia? Tim Reid's wife Daphne Maxwell Reid guest stars as Charmagne.

Absent: Marques Houston as Roger Evans

157 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) dress up as boys to try out for the school hockey team. With Tim Reid and Jackee Harry. "Some Like it Hockey" Asaad Kelada Jeffrey Duteil October 7, 2002 157
After learning that girls are restricted from hockey-team tryouts, the twins sneak in with male disguises and cross-check some extremely chauvinistic guys. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes addicted to home shopping.
1112 Ray (Tim Reid) becomes jealous when Tamera (Tamera Mowry) begins paying attention to a substitute teacher at school. "Bring on the Debate"

Season Finale

Asaad Kelada Terence Winter December 3, 2002 1112
Ray feels threatened by Tamera's devotion to her new substitute music teacher Bill. Meanwhile, Lisa peddles her fashions on the street, but the local ladies misunderstand what's for sale.
159 A misunderstanding causes Kyle (Richard Guiton) to bring his 9-year-old brother on a double date with Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry). "Little Man Date" Asaad Kelada Roger Garrett October 8, 2002 159
Tamera experiences public humiliation from her high-school peers when Tia sets her up with her newest beau's brother — unaware that he's a precocious 9-year-old (Orlando Brown). Meanwhile, Lisa receives a phone call from Calvin Klein after he sees her billboard, or so she thinks.
160 Tia and Tamera go on a trip without their parents to a ski cabin in the mountains, where they get caught in an avalanche. "Ski Squad" Asaad Kelada Tom Amundsen October 8, 2002 160
When a ski trip is scheduled Tia and Tamera are going. Tamera, who is afraid, tries to get out of it. While at the cabin an avalanche happens and they get stuck inside. To everyone's surprise, Tia goes crazy. They realize that they need to get out. So Tia, Tamera, and Roger shovel their way out and get to the top of the mountain. Will they get help?
161 Tia (Tia Mowry) becomes uncomfortable when her mother (Jackee Harry) takes a job in the high-school cafeteria. "Cafeteria Lady" Jimmy Hampton Allison M. Gibson October 9, 2002 161
Lisa gets a second job as a cafeteria worker at the twins' school and adds zest to the lunchline; everyone seems to be sweet on her efforts except for Tia, who is embarrassed.
172 Tia is mismatched with Roger, while Tamera is left alone on Valentine's Day; Ray's plans to earn the most money at an auction backfire. "Three the Heart Way" Jimmy Hampton Leilani Downer & Regina Y. Hicks October 14, 2002 172
On Valentine's Day, Tia and Roger are mysteriously struck by Cupid's arrow, which leaves Tamera feeling alone and brokenhearted. Meanwhile, Ray participates in a charity bachelor auction, where his plans to earn the most money backfire.
163 When Montell Jordan's car breaks down, he seeks Tia and Tamera's help; Ray and Lisa attend a disco party. "Model Tia" Jimmy Hampton Leonard Dick October 10, 2002 163
When Tia and Tamera go to meet an online friend of Tia's in person, the twins learn that people online are not always who they claim to be — although they learn that lesson the hard way. Tia is chatting with some guy called Verique online. Tamera then sends Tia's picture to him and he replies saying he likes it and that he is a photographer. Tamera is totally excited; she thinks that if Tia makes it big, then she can too, and they both ask their parents to go to Verique's place for a photo session, but are forbidden to do so. However, Tamera then pretends to be Tia and goes anyway!

Montell Jordan guest stars.

162 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) helps a nerd (Cory Tyler) change his image to win Tia's (Tia Mowry) heart, but she ends up falling for him. "My Guy" Matthew Diamond Brad Miller October 9, 2002 162
In exchange for tickets for a sold-out Boyz II Men concert — which Roger wasn’t successful in getting — Tamera promises Elliot, the school nerd, that she will get to get Tia to date him. During his make-over, Tamera herself starts to see Elliot as the perfect guy. Lisa goes different ways when she expands to dog fashion, which soon leads her to the top.

Cory Tyler guest stars.

165 Tia loses her confidence when she sees a bully from her childhood; Lisa convinces Ray to be Roger's substitute dad. "Double Dutch" Asaad Kelada Leilani Downer October 11, 2002 165
Tia and Tamera enter a double-Dutch contest for a family street fair, and Tia overworks Tamera, not letting her see her 'guy' or even telling Tamera the reason why she is so driven. It turns out that after meeting an old childhood bully, Tia became obsessed with finally beating her at something. Meanwhile Lisa convinces Ray to be Roger's substitute dad for the baking contest at the fair.

Note: Tamera Mowry would later reference on her daytime talk show The Real that she had Double Dutch skills from appearing in this episode.

164 Tia accuses Tamera of stealing her personal journal; Ray's stubbornness prevents him from asking for help. "Inherit the Twin" Asaad Kelada Kim Weiskopf October 10, 2002 164
Tia gets some new smart friends, making Tamera feel left out. Then, when copies of Tia's personal journal are passed around to the other students, she accuses Tamera of stealing it, ending them in Student Court, their lawyers being two "smooth talking" new kids Trevor (Kenan Thompson) and Todd (Kel Mitchell).
166 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) compete on a game show against celebrity twins (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen). "Slime Party" Jackée Harry Christine Ecklund & Keith Hoffman October 11, 2002 166
Tamera learns that life is not a bowl of cherries when she and Tia are pitted against twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on a TV quiz show, where she is transformed into a human sundae due to a severe bout of stage fright from the latter. Meanwhile, Ray is struggling with the idea that he may lack friends and attempts to cope with this. D. L. Hughley guest stars as Hank, the quiz show host.
167 Tamera is blackmailed after threatening to expose her friend's shoplifting; Lisa's convinced she has lost Ray to another woman. "Guardian Angel" Asaad Kelada Leslie Ray & David Steven Simon October 12, 2002 167
In the season 4 finale, Tamera hangs out with this girl named Vanessa, making Tia feel left out. However, Tamera then discovers that Vanessa is a shoplifter; Ray lets go of his old wife, and learns to accept Lisa.

Season 5 (1997 1998) Disney Channel October 12, 2002 and October 24, 2002

Episodes Disney Channel Title Directed by Written by Original air date


169 Tia, Tamera and Roger try to get Lisa's designer gowns noticed when they sneak backstage at a local benefit. "Designer Genes" Max Tash Rick Hawkins October 13, 2002 169
Lisa learns of a benefit fashion show and tries to persuade one of the designers to look at her portfolio. When she fails, Tamera and Tia strike a pose and sneak backstage — as models. Supermodel Beverly Peele appears as herself.
168 Lisa and Ray (Jackee Harry, Tim Reid) agree to separate bedrooms for Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry); Roger's (Marques Houston) masculinity comes into question. "A Separate Peace" Max Tash Liz Sage October 12, 2002 168
The girls move into separate bedrooms after they insist that they are growing apart.

Note: This episode features the debut of redesigned bedroom sets for the girls, with a shared Jack & Jill bathroom between them. However, the redesigned bathroom makes an appearance in the first season episode before being formally revealed.

170 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) dislikes Ray's (Tim Reid) new girlfriend (guest star Rolonda Watts); Tia (Tia Mowry) gets a job at a bookstore-cafe. "Working Girls" Sheldon Epps Jack Herrguth & Seanne Kemp Kovach October 13, 2002 170
Tamera and Ray have a fall-out over his new girlfriend, Vivica (Rolonda Watts), who, she says, has turned him into a "gallivanting, promise-breaking Romeo". Meanwhile, Tia lands a job at a mall bookstore and becomes enamored with a mysterious customer.

Note: This is the first episode to feature Tyreke.

173 Tia faces a dilemma when she finds out her employer doesn't offer equal pay for equal work; Vivica gets involved in Ray's business. "Show Me the Money" David Grossman Felicia D. Henderson October 15, 2002 173
Tia finds out that she isn't getting equal pay at her job, because she is a female. Meanwhile, Tamera learns that even the best plans can go wrong when she decides to fight Tia's battle with her boss, who's paying a male employee more money; her decision to pose as Tia and demand equal pay gets her sister fired. So now Tamera has to get Tia's job back before she gets there. Will Tia lose her job, or will Tamera become "hero of the day" and get Tia her job back?

Note: This is the first episode to feature Diavian.

174 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) sneak off to a concert in an attempt to avoid a birthday with their parents. "It's My Party" Sheldon Epps Rushion MacDonald October 15, 2002 174
It's Tamera and Tia's 17th birthday and the twins heed an uncle's birthday advice to "seize the day". However, they do it by skipping school and flying to Chicago for a Boyz II Men concert instead of celebrating with their parents. A series of misfortunes turns their dream day into a nightmare — especially when Lisa and Ray uncover the truth.
175 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) hire a tutor (guest star Tahj Mowry) and are stunned when a 10-year-old shows up. With Tim Reid. "Child's Play" Jimmy Hampton Jack Herrguth & Seanne Kemp Kovach October 16, 2002 175
When it is SAT time at school, Tia starts freaking out, but Tamera is taking it easy. Not happy by this, the twins say they need a real tutor. After finding a tutor (Tahj Mowry), they get to work. They work all morning and Tia still does not feel prepared. So T.J. goes to plan B, making them relax. T.J. says he missed out on all the fun 'kid' stuff like riding a bike. This tempts Tamera, Tia, and Diavian to help him out. They then take him to "the place to have fun", and Tia finally chills out.

Note: Tahj Mowry guest stars as T.J. Henderson, the lead character of the fellow WB sitcom, Smart Guy.

176 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) tries to top Tia's (Tia Mowry) announcement that Immature member Batman (Marques Houston) will be at a local bookstore. "A Friend in Deed" Jimmy Hampton Regina Y. Hicks October 16, 2002 176
Tamera entangles Tia and her friends in a sticky web of deceit after she lies about being able to get a celebrity to appear at a school fundraiser. Music group Immature performs.
177 Ray (Tim Reid) is proud of his new mechanic (guest star Ronreaco Lee), until he arrives at Ray's home for a date with Tia (Tia Mowry). "Popular Mechanic" Jimmy Hampton Felicia D. Henderson October 17, 2002 177
Tia's mysterious new friend Tyreke asks her out on a date which, of course, she accepts. When he arrives at the house, everyone learns that he is Ray's new mechanic whom he's mentoring. When Ray forbids Tia from seeing him, he reveals that Tyreke was once a former juvenile delinquent.
178 Tamera's ability to tell the truth for one week is challenged by Tia. "The Best Policy" Sheldon Epps Andy Guerdat October 17, 2002 178
Tamera accepts Tia's wager that she cannot tell the truth for one week, but she faces a dilemma when she spies Ray's girlfriend Vivica cheating on him. Meanwhile, a prominent client asks Lisa's opinion about the fit of a gown, forcing her to decide if honesty is really the best policy.
179 Tia and Tyreke (Tia Mowry, guest star Ronreaco Lee) try to find Tamera (Tamera Mowry) a boyfriend so they can spend some time alone. "Two's Company" Henry Chan Regina Y. Hicks October 18, 2002 179
After Tia and Tyreke tire of Tamera tagging along on their dates, Tia decides to find her a boyfriend. Tamera has a fight with Jordan, the school newspaper editor and she has to do one of her articles over. Who will Tamera find as a boyfriend? Meanwhile, Lisa is asked to eulogize a woman she disliked. At the end, Tamera and Jordan have a heated argument which ends them telling they both like each other.

Note: This is the first episode to feature Jordan.

180 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) reaches the limit on her new credit card, putting herself and Tia (Tia Mowry) in a jam. "Mo' Credit, Mo' Problems" Henry Chan Rushion McDonald October 18, 2002 180
The twins' car breaks down in a bad area and they must get help. Using a payphone they get hold of Ray. Meanwhile, Ray and Lisa go to an opera and Ray disturbs the other people around his seat.
181 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) attempt to patch up the relationship between Lisa and her estranged sister (Jackee Harry, guest star Charmin Lee). "In Sickness and in Health" Sheldon Epps Jack Herrguth & Seanne Kemp Kovach October 19, 2002 181
The twins try to reunite Lisa with her younger sister Darcy, whom she hasn’t spoken to in years. Lisa refuses, until Darcy announces that she's in need of surgery.
182 Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) attempt to lay down the law to their boyfriends (guest star Ronreaco Lee, Deon Richmond), but they end up alone instead. "The Laws" Henry Chan David Wyatt October 19, 2002 182
After the twins and Diavian are engaged in a battle of the sexes with their beaus, Lisa introduces the girls to "The Laws" of dating. The R&B trio 702 performs.
183 Tamera decides to pledge Rosebud sorority after a put-down from Tia; Ray's ex-girlfriend goes into business using his ideas. "Rosebud" Henry Chan Felicia D. Henderson October 20, 2002 183
Tamera feels she has something to prove when she pledges an elite sorority, but the club president has other plans for her new pledge. Meanwhile, Ray's old girlfriend Vivica "borrows" his business practices for her own use.
184 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) decides to make her family proud of her in order to overcome her feelings of inferiority. "Ladies in Waiting" Sheldon Epps Andy Guerdat October 20, 2002 184
Tamera is excited about her new academic accomplishments, but quickly realizes they are no match when it comes to Tia's. While Tia is awaiting an acceptance to Harvard, Tamera decides that instead of going to community college, she will try to get into a 4 Year college. But when trying to get into the college of her choice takes more work than she expected, her family begins to worry.
186 Tia (Tia Mowry) is offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by Olympic gold medalist and WNBA star Lisa Leslie (guest starring as herself). "Ladies' Choice" Jackée Harry Rushion McDonald October 21, 2002 186
After Tia impresses the WNBA's Lisa Leslie (appearing as herself) at a book signing, she's offered a dream job with the organization's media department. But accepting the job means giving up her other dream — college.
185 Tia, Tamera and their boyfriends (Tia Mowry, Tamera Mowry, Ronreaco Lee, Deon Richmond) try to use fake IDs to sneak into a dance club to see singer W.C. (guest starring as himself). "Young at Heart" Jimmy Hampton Sherryll Atkins October 21, 2002 185
The twins sneak into an over 21 dance club to see hip-hop artist WC (appearing as himself). Meanwhile, Lisa sneaks out of the house to go on a date with Aaron (Khalil Kain), a just-over-21-year-old.
189 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) daydreams in history class, reflecting on historical figures who paved the road before her. "I Have a Dream" Nancy Heydorn Regina Y. Hicks October 23, 2002 189
Tamera is reluctant to go on in life and finish high school. One night she dreams she encounters historical figures (includes Harriet Tubman, Daniel Hale Williams, Bessie Coleman, Jackie Robinson, Madame CJ Walker & Martin Luther King Jr) who paved the road before her, only they carry the same reluctant attitude towards what they must do, and Tamera must convince them to carry on with their dreams.
187 Tia and Tamera attempt to save their friendship with Roger; Ray must help Lisa overcome her fear of cameras. "You Had to Be There" Jimmy Hampton Andy Guerdat October 22, 2002 187
The girls have not left for college yet, and they are already missing Roger. But when he tags along to the mall with their boyfriends, they are sorry they ever met him. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to avoid having her picture taken by Ray and confessing her fear of cameras. This episode is a retrospective of the series from seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 best of the 74 episodes.
188 Getting the right dresses for prom night proves complicated when everyone else has similar tastes. With Tia and Tamera Mowry. "Prom Night" Henry Chan Doug McIntyre October 22, 2002 188
Lisa makes beautiful gowns for the twins prom, but they have already bought their own. At the prom, they realize everyone has the same dress so they go back to the limo and get the dresses Lisa made. Will they have a perfect prom, or will it be a disaster?
191 Tamera gets some assistance with the housework from her fairy godfather in order to attend a big party. "Shoeless"

Season Finale

Jimmy Hampton Rick Hawkins & Felicia D. Henderson October 24, 2002 191
In a parody of "Cinderella", Tamera is left at home to clean the house while Tia and the gang attend Jordan's party — until her grandfather (Sherman Hemsley) plays fairy godfather to make the impossible possible.
190 Tia (Tia Mowry) is heartbroken over Tyreke (guest star Ronreaco Lee); NFL player Terrell Davis (guest starring as himself) is asked to be the commencement speaker. "Graduation" Henry Chan Regina Y. Hicks October 23, 2002 190
In the Season 5 finale, Tamera, Tia and their friends prepare for graduation. Lisa searches to find the girls a guest commencement speaker for the ceremony while Tamera and Jordan decide on a farewell song. Tyreke feels left out in the celebration, since he never got the chance to receive his diploma. He tells Ray that he wants to get his GED after receiving a promotion as full-mechanic and that he will need time off to study. After failing his exam, Tyreke gives up and decides to take Ray up on his promotion. When Tyreke visits Tia, they get into an argument and face a breakup. Once the girls learn of Tyreke's dilemma, he takes the GED exam again and succeeds. Commencement for the class of 1998 begins with Super Bowl XXXII MVP Terrell Davis giving a touching speech and ending with Roger performing a song for his friends.

Note: This was the last appearance of Marques Houston (being part of the main cast) until his guest appearance on the last episode of the 6th and final season.

Season 6 (1998 1999) Disney Channel October 24, 2002 and June 2, 2003

Episodes Disney Channel Title Directed by Written by Original air date


194 Tia and Tamera encounter housing problems at college, while Ray looks forward to remodeling their room. "Home Sweet Dorm" Sheldon Epps Rick Hawkins October 25, 2002 194
It's a brand new school year and Tamera and Tia are entering college at the University of Michigan with high expectations. They meet up with Diavian, Jordan and Tyreke (who also attend) and learn that their new dorm room is an athletic dorm in which they must share a private bathroom with two college jocks. Wanting to find an available dorm room in the same building as their friends, they go to campus housing and find out that there are not any vacant rooms. Diavian meets her new roommate, Simone Flosser, a bossy senior whose first impression turns sour. Meanwhile, Ray tries to turn Tamera's bedroom into his personal den room much to the chagrin of Lisa.

Goof: Ray said that it was his den before it was Tamera's bedroom. But his den became Tia's bedroom. Note: RonReaco Lee (Tyreke) and Deon Richmond (Jordan) are added to the opening credits, while Marques Houston (Roger) has been removed.

193 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) forms a singing group and asks Tia (Tia Mowry) to put down the books and pick up the microphone. "Stop In the Name of Fun" Henry Chan Regina Y. Hicks October 25, 2002 193
A college talent contest turns to a battle of wills between the twins when Tia the perfectionist agrees to direct Tamera, Diavian and Simone's girl-group routine. Meanwhile, Tyreke and Lisa attend a time-share seminar in search of free gifts.

Absent: Tim Reid as Ray Campbell

192 Tia's (Tia Mowry) self-defense moves end up embarrassing her friend Tyreke (Ronreaco Lee) when she takes on an assailant. "Home Court Advantage" Henry Chan Michael Ajakwe, Jr. October 24, 2002 192
Lisa hires Todd Banks, her handsome new assistant, to help her run errands and schedule arrangements. When Todd forgets to hire a model for Lisa's latest designs, she uses Todd instead. After realizing that Todd is not reliable, she fires him and later is sued by Todd for sexual harassment. Meanwhile, the twins and their friends all sign up for a self-defense class and Tyreke's male ego is thrown for a loop when he is subdued by a mugger who falls afoul to Tia's self-defense skills. William Allen Young guest stars as Todd's father and lawyer.

Absent: Tim Reid as Ray Campbell.

171 Ray's (Tim Reid) run for office puts Tia, Tamera and Lisa (Tia Mowry, Tamera Mowry, Jackee Harry) in the public eye, forcing Ray to reconsider. "We Are Family"

Season Premiere

Regge Life Rushion McDonald October 14, 2002 171
Ray decides to run for office and puts Tia, Tamera, and Lisa in the public eye. But when Tamera decides not to be supportive after being publicly embarrassed, Ray may be forced to reconsider. Also, Ray's ex-girlfriend Vivica returns.
1113 Tia (Tia Mowry) is uncertain about her relationship with Tyreke (Ronreaco Lee) after meeting a new teaching assistant (guest star Brian McKnight). "The Grass is Always Finer" Henry Chan Felicia D. Henderson December 21, 2002 1113
Tia starts to feel that her relationship with Tyreke is not serious when he becomes overly affectionate. But when she meets Keith Brooks (Brian McKnight), her new calculus professor, she becomes enchanted and soon Tia and Tyreke break up. After learning that Keith has a girlfriend, she tries to reconcile with Tyreke, but to no avail. Maia Campbell Guest stars As Shayla.

Absent: Tim Reid as Ray Campbell

195 Ray supports a bill banning big concerts on campus and is surprised to meet his opponent. "Bum Rap" Erma Elzy-Jones David Wyatt October 25, 2002 195
Ray supports a bill banning big concerts on campus and is surprised to meet his opponent. Goodie Mob (who appear as themselves) are to perform at the college, and Ray's opposition to the appearance annoys Tamera, who thinks he's giving them a bum rap. Meanwhile, Tia uses Tyreke and Jordan as guinea pigs as she conducts a survey on human behavior. One must go without sleep and the other without food.
196 Jordan and Tyreke (Deon Richmond, Ronreaco Lee) get a surprise from their dates to the Homecoming Dance. "The Domino Effect" Nancy Heydorn Christina Royster October 25, 2002 196
While the twins are away, Tyreke and Jordan put themselves in an awkward situation by agreeing to escort two homesick freshmen, CeeCee and Ginger, to the Homecoming dance. Meanwhile, Ray's game night with the boys is interrupted by Lisa's friends.
199 Tamera's (Tamera Mowry) plans are upset when Jordan (Deon Richmond) goes under cover for the newspaper to expose hazing. "Greek to Me" Sheldon Epps Rushion McDonald October 29, 2002 199
Tamera's plans are interrupted when Jordan goes under cover for the newspaper to expose hazing and, in a rush to get the scoop on fraternity hazing, forgets about his anniversary dinner with Tamera. Meanwhile, Lisa and Ray try to persuade Tia into joining their favorite sororities.
197 Jordan and Tamera (Deon Richmond, Tamera Mowry) clash over attending church, but a church choir director (guest star Kirk Franklin) provides counsel. "My Father's House" Sheldon Epps Felicia D. Henderson October 28, 2002 197
Jordan suffers Tamera's wrath when he refuses to go to church; and Lisa turns Ray's living room into a "holy sweat shop" after she offers to sew new choir robes. Guest star Kirk Franklin.
198 Ray (Tim Reid) calls in a veteran campaign consultant, Clifton McNair (guest star Phill Lewis), to kick his candidacy into gear. "For the People" Henry Chan Alison Taylor October 28, 2002 198
Ray calls in a veteran campaign consultant, Clifton McNair (Phill Lewis), to kick his candidacy into gear; but the unscrupulous campaign manager soon teaches the family that the way to the state senate is an arduous road with no rest stops on the way.
1100 Tia (Tia Mowry) hits the boiling point when the ever-partying Tamera (Tamera Mowry) asks her to take an exam for her. "Twins or Consequences" Henry Chan Regina Y. Hicks October 29, 2002 1100
A chemistry mid-term is coming up and instead of studying, Tamera decides to go out and party, but when morning approaches, Tamera is to worn out and cannot remember anything that she studied because of her partying. Tamera begs Tia to take her mid-term for her, but if caught Tia and Tamera could both face expulsion from college. Will Tia risk getting expelled or do the right thing? Meanwhile, Jordan benches Tyreke on their basketball team after several less-than-stellar performances. With the playoffs on the line, Jordan and his other teammate select a replacement with a decent jumpshot. But when they find that the replacement's overall game is incredibly poor, will they come around to reconciling with Tyreke?
1102 Tamera (Tamera Mowry) feels guilty when she and Jordan (Deon Richmond) go on a double date after Tia (Tia Mowry) splits with Tyreke (Ronreaco Lee). "Mixed Doubles" Henry Chan Rick Hawkins October 30, 2002 1102
Tyreke wins four tickets to "Ragtime"; Lisa is attracted to Ray's frat buddy, Victor (Richard Lawson).

Note: Richard Lawson, Ray's frat buddy, played Jackée's boyfriend on 227 "A Yen for Lester"

1101 Tamera and Tia incite a heated competition among the guys to pose for the "Men of Michigan" calendar. "Two Girls, a Guy and a Calendar" Henry Chan Jack Herrguth &

Seanne Kemp Kovach

October 30, 2002 1101
Michigan is hosting a photo calendar contest for the guys so whoever wins will be published in the calendar. With Tia pushing Tyreke, and Tamera pushing Jordan, will things get out of control? Will this contest end valuable friendships?
1116 When Tamera (Tamera Mowry) hosts a campus radio show for the lovelorn, she airs Tia and Tyreke's (Tia Mowry, Ronreaco Lee) dirty laundry. "Sweet Talk" Sheldon Epps Angela Denise Johnson April 21, 2003 1116
While looking for a job, Diavian gives Tamera a chance she cannot say no to: being the host of the campus radio talk show on relationships. At the interview, Diavian does not do too well, but Tamera does perfect! Once getting the job, Diavian is mad because Tamera got her job. The show becomes such a hit with "Lady-T" that she needs to work on Saturday and miss a concert with Jordan. Will she find a way around this, or are Jordan and Tamera coming to an end?
1118 When Tia helps escort a visiting photojournalist around campus, she discovers he may be her and Tamera's biological father. "Father's Day"

Series Finale

Henry Chan Rick Hawkins June 2, 2003 1118
The twins meet a photojournalist visiting campus and finds out he is their biological father.
1114 Tia (Tia Mowry) asks Diavian (guest star Alexis Fields) to pair off with Tyreke (Ronreaco Lee) in drama class; Lisa (Jackee Harry) suffers through a blind date. "I Know What You Did in Drama Class" Sheldon Epps Felicia D. Henderson December 26, 2002 1114
Tia has Diavian partner with Tyreke for a drama class assignment, and Tia herself is stuck with the teacher. One day after class while Diavian and Tyreke are rehearsing their scene, they kiss in the heat of the moment. When Tia inadvertently walks in on this, she becomes furious with Diavian and they argue about the occurrence. Diavian tells Tia that the real cause of her anger is from still having feelings for Tyreke but will not admit it to herself. Meanwhile, Tamera and Jordan attempt to hook up cable in Tia and Tamera's room to watch a big Fight on TV, but clearly do not know what they are doing, and Lisa helps them out with the job. Lisa herself has a date that a friend of hers set her up with, but she ends up chasing him away.

Absent: Tim Reid as Ray Campbell

1104 Tia becomes tongue-tied while filling in on Tamera's radio show, until Jordan steps in to save the day. "Double Talk" Mary Lou Belli Rushion McDonald November 1, 2002 1104
Tamera gets sick and cannot do her radio show one night, so she asks Tia to cover for her but she ends up wimping out. Jordan saves the day but insults the callers on the radio station. Tamera cannot stand this so she goes down to the station and she Jordan have it out. The on-air arguments attract a lot of callers so Tamera and Jordan start to do the show together but cannot agree on one thing. Will Tamera and Jordan make up or will Pillow Chat be history?

Absent: RonReaco Lee as Tyreke Scott

1105 Tia and Tyreke have trouble rekindling their romance while in Atlanta for spring break; Tamera tells some tall tales. "FreakNik" Erma Elzy-Jones Regina Y. Hicks November 2, 2002 1105
Tia, Tamera, and Diavian fly to Atlanta to see FreakNik. When they get there and stay at the 4 star hotel, but the hotel is not exactly up to their standards. Tamera, enjoying her new-found freedom, gives herself 5 names, one for each guy she meets because she does not want to be tied down to anyone (except Jordan but not for the time being). Meanwhile Jordan and Tyreke drive to Atlanta and get lost. At FreakNik Mýa & Blackstreet perform "Take Me There" together. Also Tia and Tyreke try to rekindle a relationship lost. Will it be rekindled or just lost?

Absent: Tim Reid as Ray Campbell

1106 Jordan is leery about swing lessons with Tamera, but when a jazz legend visits he might be persuaded. "Before There Was Hip Hop..." David Kendall David Wyatt November 2, 2002 1106
A music history lesson prompts Old Clarence (played by Brian McKnight) to talk about a 1940s (during World War II) nightclub where Tia, Tamera, Ray, Lisa and the gang are. The nightclub is going out of business so Ray (owner of the club) has to come up with some serious money. Will he do it?
1107 Tia and Tamera help Victor prepare a wedding proposal; Tyreke and Jordan participate in a fraternity bake sale. "Let Them Eat Cupcakes" Jackée Harry Jack Herrguth November 3, 2002 1107
Victor tries to give Lisa a romantic engagement she will never forget. Tia and Tamera bake a batch of cupcakes that Jordan and Tyreke sell at the college. But one of the cupcakes has Lisa's engagement ring in it.
1108 Tia (Tia Mowry) is offered a WNBA internship but is hesitant to accept it; Lisa (Jackee Harry) worries about the wedding. "The Road Less Traveled" Chip Hurd Felicia D. Henderson November 3, 2002 1108
Tia considers taking a summer internship with the WNBA in New York. Meanwhile, Lisa worries about her upcoming wedding. Also, Jordan and Tyreke learn to deal with each other's quirks as roommates.
1109 Lisa prepares for her wedding; Tia and Tamera get ready for their summer vacations; Ray accepts a job. "Fly Away Home" Henry Chan Rick Hawkins November 4, 2002 1109
In the series finale of Sister, Sister, it's Lisa's wedding day and she is really nervous. So nervous, in fact, that she runs out of the church and goes to a bar and meets up with her past friend Foxy Jones. Ray later finds her at the bar and talks her into marrying Victor. At the wedding, the twins' old friend Roger Evans (special guest star Marques Houston) returns and sings for Lisa at the wedding. Even though Tia and Tamera will be separated once more, this time they knew they'll always find a way back to each other. Lisa is happily married to Victor as the series comes to a close.

Finale Notes:

  • Marques Houston was originally a main character from Seasons 1-5. He was written out when the girls went off to college in Season 6. He had started a successful singing career while acting on Sister, Sister.
  • The girls and their parents return to the same store, with the same confusing results for the same sales clerk, where they found each other in Episode 1 of Season 1.
  • Lisa is mistaken for someone named Sandra twice during the episode. Actress Jackée Harry, who plays Lisa, won an Emmy award for her breakout role as the sexy vamp Sandra Clark in the 1980s sitcom 227.