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Season Episodes Originally aired USA
First aired Last aired
1 21 September 25, 2004 May 14, 2005
2 22 September 17, 2005 May 27, 2006

Episodes ABC September 25, 2004 and May 27, 2006

Season 1 (2004 2005) ABC September 25, 2004 and May 14, 2005

Episodes in Canada Episodes ABC Title Directed by Written by Original air date


102 102 "Meet the Curtis" Neal Israel Dan Fybel & Rich Rinaldi October 2, 2004 102
The Diffy family find out that a caveman sneaked into their time machine, and Lloyd tries to get rid of him, but Phil wants to keep "Curtis".
103 103 "Tanner" Joanna Kerns Rachelle Romberg October 9, 2004 103
Phil gets sent back to the 2nd grade to improve his penmanship. He then meets Tanner's little brother who has a camera taped onto his helmet. After his embarrassing moments in the 2nd grade he finds out that Tanner's little brother's camera that was taped onto his helmet taped all the things he did in 2nd grade, so he goes to Tanner's house and climbs to his room to try to get the tape back. He fails. The next morning, Tanner reveals to the whole student body that Phil Diffy went back to the 2nd grade. And he shows all the things Phil did. Phil admits that he went to the 2nd grade, but as he was saying this Tanner's little brother comes and tells of all the embarrassing things Tanner did such as he was crying at the petting zoo last week because the goat touched him and his mom had to buy him an ice cream to make him stop crying.
107 107 "Raging Bull" Tim O'Donnell Tim Maile & Douglas Tuber November 6, 2004 107
Phil uses his Wizard gadget to save a classmate; Pim pretends Curtis is her dad for a parent conference.
110 110 "Pheremonally Yours" Tim O'Donnell Danny Kallis February 12, 2005 110
Phil has to make a girl named Marla not like him. Pim joins the orchestra directed by Bradley but Debbie wants him to take Pim out of the show. Pim finds out and tries to sabotage Debbie's solo.
101 101 "Future Tutor" Neal Israel Tim O'Donnell September 25, 2004 103
Phil and his family are stuck in the 21st century. Not knowing when they'll return to their homes, Pim and Phil go to school. Pim becomes her class' chalk monitor, while Phil tutors Keely in Algebra and teaches her to be accepting of people outside her clique; Pim runs against Debbie in an election for chalk monitor.

Note: This is the pilot episode of the series. This episode, "Future Jock" and "You Say Toe-Mato" aired as a three-episode event on August 13, 2004.

104 104 "Future Jock" David Kendall Adam Lapidus & Steve Luchsinger October 16, 2004 104
Phil uses a futuristic gadget to join the gymnastic team and competes in the gymnastics tournament to impress Keely; Pim tries to get Phil in trouble.
105 105 "We'll Fix It In Editing" Brian K. Roberts Tim Maile & Douglas Tuber October 23, 2004 105
A school video project causes Phil to overlook his friends' feelings while Pim is a fast walker in a track meet. Phil apologizes in a video, and Pim uses Debbie's kiss as weapon to defeat her opponent. The reigning champion fast walker is afraid of girls.
106 106 "Halloween" Fred Savage Michael Caine & Jason Cox October 30, 2004 106
Debbie is revealed to be an evil cyborg who terrorizes Pickford, leaving Phil and Keely to save Halloween. Upon finding the room where Debbie's slaves making cupcakes, Phil convinces them to eat the cupcakes, causing Debbie to overheat and melt into black goo.
108 108 "Age Before Beauty" Tim O'Donnell Tom Burkhard & Matt Dearborn December 4, 2004 108
Keely takes Phil's New-Ager and makes herself older (25 years old) to see what she'll look like, but Mr. Hackett asks her out. Mr. Hackett is feeling depressed about his dating problems, and Phil and Keely help him gain the confidence to impress his ex-girlfriend. Pim and Bradley get bribes from a chef.
111 111 "Neander-Phil" Matt Dearborn Tom Burkhard & Matt Dearborn February 26, 2005 111
A malfunctioning gadget switches Phil's and Curtis' personalities once in a while, Phil tries to impress a girl named Alice (Alice Greczyn), Pim gets stressed out by her "not so best friend" Debbie (who already died in "Halloween") and she takes a yoga class that Debbie teaches. Keely gets jealous of Phil's love interest to Alice and in the end of the episode Alice finds out that Phil was trying to impress her and she breaks up with him, Keely and Phil dance to the last song at the Ball.
109 109 "Double Trouble" Tim O'Donnell Tom Burkhard & Matt Dearborn February 5, 2005 109
Pim and Phil have problems with school bullies; Curtis adopts the neighbor's lawn ornaments. A bully's older brother wants to fight Phil, after Phil helps Pim stand up to the bully. Phil learns the older brother likes rabbits and gives him one, defusing the situation.
113 113 "Milkin' It" Savage Steve Holland Rachelle Romberg May 14, 2005 113
Lloyd thinks that Phil's science project will lead to their discovery, and decides they must move. To prevent this, Phil and Keely disguise themselves to fool the science fair security guard. Things are not going well, but Phil's dad shows up and saves the situation. Meanwhile, Pim misuses her cinespecs for a school writing assignment.
112 112 "Corner Pocket" Savage Steve Holland Tom Burkhard & Matt Dearborn April 30, 2005 112
Keely lies and tells her mom that she made the cheerleading squad. Phil, Keely, and Tia stage a cheerleading event to continue the deception, but Keely ends up telling her mom the truth. Meanwhile, Pim discovers Debbie's single dislike, raisins, and uses it against her.

Season 2 (2005 2006) ABC September 17, 2005 and May 27, 2006

Episodes in USA Episodes ABC Title Directed by Written by Original air date


115 115 "Versa Day" Matthew Diamond Roger S. H. Schulman September 24, 2005 115
Lloyd forces Phil and Pim to switch bodies because of excessive arguments. Meanwhile, Lloyd tries to get Curtis a job.
114 114 "Virtu-Date" Fred Savage Michael Curtis & Roger S. H. Schulman September 17, 2005 114
A fun day with Keely in Phil's future-virtual mall turns sour when Keely forms a crush on a robot.
116 116 "The Giggle" David Kendall Bill Canterbury October 1, 2005 116
When Keely changes her future for the worse by looking at a future Internet machine, Phil and Keely must pass an impossible test given by a tough teacher. Pim sneaks into an R-Rated movie with Curtis as her guardian, but is scared stiff by it.
117 117 "Tia, Via, or Me... Uh" David Kendall Ivan Menchell October 22, 2005 117
Phil meets the new girl, Via, and makes her hang out with Keely so he can free himself from doing girl stuff with Keely. But Phil soon gets jealous when Keely spends more time with Via than him.
118 118 "Get Ready to Go-Go" Jace Alexander Masha Tivyan & Sharon A. Wong November 5, 2005 118
Phil and Keely are going together to the school dance, which excites them both... until Lloyd tells Phil that he has fixed the time machine and the Diffys are leaving on the day of the dance.

Guest star: Kendall Schmidt as "Jake" Pim's boyfriend

124 124 "Phil Without a Future" Savage Steve Holland Masha Tivyan & Sharon A. Wong May 6, 2006 124
It's career week at H. G. Wells high school, but Phil can't find a career that suits him. Pim decides to pursue a career as "The Man".
126 126 "Time Release Capsule" Fred Savage Michael Curtis May 20, 2006 126
H.G. Wells is about to bury a time capsule which Lloyd and Barbara will find in the future. Lloyd tells Phil to place a note in the capsule warning them not to travel into the past, but it means that Keely and Phil's memories of each other will be erased forever.
123 123 "Mummy's Boy" Fred Savage Dan Fybel & Rich Rinaldi March 18, 2006 123
Phil finds a part of the time machine when he goes to the museum; Keely and Owen sneak into the museum basement in order to film material for her project.
122 122 "Maybe-Sitting" Fred Savage Ivan Menchell February 4, 2006 122
When Phil and Keely baby-sit Nathan, the trouble-making nephew of Mr. Messerschmitt, they get more than they bargained for, so they use the New-Ager, a device that changes one's behavior. But things go hay-wire, leaving Nathan to act like an old man, while Phil is acting like a little boy. Now it's up to Keely to solve the problem before Mr. Messerschmitt and Phil's dad get home. But her only salvation, Pim, is too busy using the Wizard to create and then sell the latest school project.
120 120 "Good Phil Hunting" Andrew Tsao Eric Goldberg & Peter Tibbals January 7, 2006 120
When Phil solves one of Mr. Hackett's difficult math problems, Keely accidentally blurts out the answer and is upgraded to the advanced math class.
121 121 "It's a Wonder-Phil Life" Douglas Tuber Ivan Menchell January 14, 2006 121
After embarrassing himself with his knowledge of future-history, Phil gets fed-up with having to be dishonest about where his family is from. Phil comes clean to the world, but his newfound fame destroys his friendship with Keely. Meanwhile, Pim goes up against Helka the Hulka at a weightlifting competition.
119 119 "Christmas Break" Fred Savage Julie Sherman Wolfe December 10, 2005 119
With Christmas on the way, Phil remembers the first time he came to Pickford and meeting Keely while Lloyd recounts getting their house.
127 127 "Broadcast Blues" Fred Savage David Steven Cohen May 27, 2006 127
When Keely's undercover news show isn't getting any viewers she teams up with Pim, who advises her to talk about fashion. While Pim's ideas gain Keely a big audience, it turns her show into an infomercial and makes her a trendsetter instead of the investigative reporter she intended to be from the beginning.
125 125 "Happy Nird-day" Christopher Erskin Wayne Stamps May 13, 2006 125
Phil forgot about Keely's birthday his first year in the past. This year, he gives Keely the best birthday present of the century, a skyacking trip. But then, Lloyd takes all the batteries out of their future gadgets. Pim meets her match named Simon Buber.