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Season 1 (1997 1998) American Broadcasting Company September 13, 1997 and January 24, 1998

Episodes in USA Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Directed by Written by Original air date


101 101 "Ziterella" Sherie Pollack Mirith J.S. Colao September 13, 1997
On the week of yearbook photo day, seventh grader Pepper Ann gets her first pimple and must choose between her looks and her dignity when her mother tells her to go to Abe's Mall (the "Abys-Mal") to buy pimple cream. Meanwhile, Hazelnut Middle School principal Mr. Hickey tries to find a replacement photographer after the current one gets conjunctivitis from infected nerd, Pinkeye Pete.
102 102 "Romeo and Juliet"
"Food Barn"
Sherie Pollack Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchka Khan
Laura McCreary
September 20, 1997
"'Romeo and Juliet"': The school's drama club is producing the play "Romeo and Juliet". At first Pepper Ann thinks it's the lamest thing ever, but when she finds out that Craig (an eighth grader with whom she is infatuated) is playing Romeo she goes after the role as Juliet.

"'Food Barn"': Milo and Pepper Ann are assigned to work at a Costco-esque supermarket called Food Barn as part of their economics class, where Milo is favored over Pepper Ann by their boss.

103 103 "Old Best Friend"
"Crunch Pod"
Sherie Pollack Mirith J.S. Colao
David Hemingson
September 27, 1997
"'Old Best Friend"': Pepper Ann's old best friend Brenda visits, but P.A. realizes that her old best friend is very annoying and possessive.

"'Crunch Pod"': When Pepper Ann inadvertently beats Milo's high score on a video game, Milo gets jealous and challenges Pepper Ann to a rematch. Note: "Old Best Friend" was released in theaters with the 1997 Robin Williams Disney film, "Flubber".

104 104 "Psychic Moose"
"Doll and Chain"
Sherie Pollack Laura McCreary
Mirith J.S. Colao
October 4, 1997
"'Psychic Moose"': Pepper Ann starts spending time with her sister Moose when she thinks Moose is clairvoyant.

"'Doll and Chain"': Pepper Ann learns a lesson in responsibility when she's assigned to care for a plastic baby doll.

105 105 "Megablades of Grass"
"Family Vacation"
Sherie Pollack Scott M. Gimple
David Hemingson
October 11, 1997
"'Megablades of Grass"': Pepper Ann must earn her own money for a new pair of rollerblades, but finds work too tedious, so she exploits Milo's talent for creating freshly mown art for cash.

"'Family Vacation"': The Pearson family takes a vacation, but between the lame car drive and Moose's neurotic friend, Crash, Pepper Ann wishes she could vacation with by herself.

106 106 "The Big Pencil"
Sherie Pollack Mirith J.S. Colao, David Hemingson, Nahnatchka Khan & Sue Rose
David Hemingson
October 18, 1997
"'The Big Pencil"': Pepper Ann vows to beat perennial Science Fair rival Alice Kane once and for all.

"'Sani-Paper"': On a field trip to a toilet cover factory, Pepper Ann and Milo (who's extremely thirsty) go undercover when Pepper Ann suspects the company of being corrupt.

107 107 "Uniform Uniformity"
"Snot Your Mother's Music"
Sherie Pollack Laura McCreary
Roger Reitzel
October 25, 1997
"'Uniform Uniformity"': Hazelnut Middle School enforces a uniforms-only dress code, and Pepper Ann's mom is hired to design them, which doesn't sit well with Pepper Ann but sit well with everyone else.

"'Snot Your Mother's Music"': Pepper Ann is shocked to discover that Mick Snot, her favorite rock star, is friends with her mother -- and more shocked when Mick Snot comes to stay at the Pearsons and is a different man when he's not onstage.

108 108 "The Environ-Mentals" Sherie Pollack Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchka Khan November 8, 1997
Pepper Ann tries to make the 'Clean Up Lupkin Park' talent show the coolest event of the year, while trying to hide an embarrassing family tradition. Meanwhile, Milo's art gets him beat up, criticized, and chased down by everyone in town.
109 109 "Crush and Burn"
"Soccer Season"
Sherie Pollack Mirith J.S. Colao
David Hemingson
November 15, 1997
"'Crush and Burn"': Pepper Ann lies to Milo's insane crush, Gwen Mezzrow, about being his girlfriend -- which turns into a tangled web of deceit involving everyone in school.

"'Soccer Season"': Pepper Ann lets fame go to her head when she becomes the star player in the school soccer team.

110 110 "Thanksgiving Dad" Sherie Pollack Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchka Khan November 22, 1997
Lydia and Janie make every effort to make their Thanksgiving dinner a success, while Pepper Ann thinks her divorced father will come to visit instead of calling like he usually does, as he said he had a surprise for her on Thanksgiving.
111 111 "Sketch 22"
"Manly Milo"
Sherie Pollack Laura McCreary January 10, 1998
"'Sketch 22"': Pepper Ann poses as an eighth grader in order to fit in with a group of cool eighth graders.

"'Manly Milo"': A distressed Milo turns to Pepper Ann for help in becoming more manly after realizing that spending time with girls has made him a laughingstock among his male peers.

112 112 "Have You Ever Been Unsupervised?"
"The Unusual Suspects"
Sherie Pollack Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchka Khan
Mirith J.S. Colao
January 17, 1998
"'Have You Ever Been Unsupervised?"': Pepper Ann freaks out when she's invited to Dieter's unsupervised 13th birthday party and Dieter plans to play Spin the Bottle.

"'The Unusual Suspects"': In this parody of hardboiled detective stories and "The Usual Suspects", the Hazelnut Middle School Otter Statue is stolen, and Principal Hickey calls up Pepper Ann and four suspects to find out the truth.

113 113 "Nicky Gone Bad"
"In Support of"
Sherie Pollack Mirith J.S. Colao
Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchka Khan
January 24, 1998
"'Nicky Gone Bad"': Fed up with her friends taking her for granted and being seen as a goody-goody, Nicky becomes a bad girl known as Nické, but Pepper Ann worries that Nicky's new attitude will lead to a life of ruin.

"'In Support of"': When Coach Doogan announces that the next gym class will focus on the trampoline and that the girls need a support, Pepper Ann takes it as a sign that she needs a bra (despite looking flat-chested) and must endure a humiliating day of bra-shopping with her mom and sister.

Season 2 (1998 1999) American Broadcasting Company September 12, 1998 and January 16, 1999

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114 114 "Quiz Bowl
License to Drive"
Brad Goodchild Laura McCreary
Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchka Khan
September 12, 1998
"'Quiz Bowl"': Pepper Ann is chosen to be an alternate for the school's Quiz Bowl team, and sees it as a chance to goof off and travel for free, but when Nicky falls ill due to stage fright, Pepper Ann must cram to lead the school to victory.

"'License to Drive"': Pepper Ann kisses up to her slacker cousin Ned who may be getting a "set of wheels" for his 16th birthday so Pepper Ann can get street cred for being driven to school by a high schooler.

115 115 "Cocoon Gables
Green-Eyed Monster"
Brad Goodchild Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchka Khan
Madellaine Paxson
September 19, 1998
"'Cocoon Gables"': Pepper Ann is assigned to volunteer at Cocoon Gables, a retirement home, and learns a lesson in age discrimination and respecting one's elders.

"'Green-Eyed Monster"': Pepper Ann becomes jealous when her chance at being the most popular girl in school is usurped by a new girl named Amber O'Malley. Meanwhile, Principal Hickey investigates a string of locker thefts.

116 116 "Hazelnut's Finest
Cat Scan"
Brad Goodchild Sean Whalen
Mirith J.S. Colao & Laura McCreary
September 26, 1998
"'Hazelnut's Finest"': Pepper Ann is assigned to document her Uncle Jojo's day of working as a cop, but becomes disillusioned that it's not as gritty and exciting as she thinks.

"'Cat Scan"': Just when Pepper Ann finally gets around to renewing her pet cat, Steve's, license, he runs off -- and becomes a mascot for a local lottery show.

117 117 "An OtterBiography
Brad Goodchild Scott M. Gimple
Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchka Khan
October 3, 1998
"'An OtterBiography"': Pepper Ann is chosen as the newest wearer of the Shania the Otter mascot costume, which is embarrassing at first, but finds that she can talk to her crush Craig when she's dressed as Shania.

"'GreenSleeves"': Pepper Ann wants to become a piano virtuoso, but her skills are terrible, so she uses a light-up keyboard to pretend to be talented.

118 118 "Vanessa Less Tessa
Peer Counsellor P.A."
Brad Goodchild Laura McCreary
Madellaine Paxson
October 10, 1998
"'Vanessa Less Tessa"': Pepper Ann uses what she learned from her favorite sitcom Crazy Twin Shenanigans to get Vanessa to reconcile with her sister, Tessa.

"'Peer Counselor P.A."': Pepper Ann's short attention span gets her in trouble when she signs up for peer counseling under the assumption that it's a vacation to a pier-side carnival.

119 119 "A 'Tween Halloween
Mash into Me"
Brad Goodchild Scott M. Gimple
Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchaka Khan
October 31, 1998
"'A 'Tween Halloween"': Pepper Ann becomes ashamed of trick-or-treating as a preteen after Milo tells her that she's too old for that.

"'Mash into Me"': Moose's friend, Crash, begins harassing Pepper Ann after he finds out that she looks just like his favorite superheroine.

120 120 "Presenting Stewart Walldinger
P.A.'s Life in a Nutshell"
Brad Goodchild Laura McCreary
Scott M. Gimple
November 14, 1998
"'Presenting Stewart Walldinger"': Pepper Ann adamantly objects to Nicky bringing Stewart as her date to Sketch's party because she thinks he's a big nerd.

"'P.A.'s Life in a Nutshell"': Pepper Ann sneaks out to attend the Springtime Late Night Flashback Bash after Lydia prohibits her to go -- and things get worse when Pepper Ann writes about the experience in a zine run by Milo and Stewart.

121 121 "Like Riding a Bike" Brad Goodchild Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchka Khan November 28, 1998
Pepper Ann is horrified when Lydia starts dating her science teacher, Mr. Carter, and tries everything she can think of to break them up.
122 122 "Radio Freak Hazelnut
Brad Goodchild Scott M. Gimple
Eve Ahlert & Dennis Drake
December 5, 1998
"'Radio Freak Hazelnut"': Pepper Ann stumbles upon a pirate radio show run by a student named Wayne MacCabre, who trashes everything Pepper Ann loves.

"'Framed"': Pepper Ann is accused of spraypainting the word "Hare" on every building in the town.

123 123 "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Milo
The Sisterhood"
Brad Goodchild Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchka Khan
Laura McCreary
December 12, 1998
"'Portrait of the Artist as a Young Milo"': For the first time in his life, Milo suffers a mental block when he tries to come up with an entry for the Dental Hygienapalooza Poster Contest.

"'The Sisterhood"': Lydia and Janie drag a reluctant Pepper Ann to a women's retreat called "Adamant Eve," where women celebrate and discuss their place in society and history.

124 124 "Impractical Jokes
Cold Feet"
Brad Goodchild Mo Rocca
Laura McCreary
December 26, 1998
"'Impractical Jokes"': Pepper Ann, Milo and Nicky compete in a practical joke-off, but Pepper Ann turns the simple joke-off into an all-out war.

"'Cold Feet"': During Grandpa Leo and Grandma Lillian's 50th anniversary vow renewal, Grandma Lillian tells Pepper Ann the story of how she nearly escaped dying in the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and The Big Bopper and how she, Janey, and Lydia worked the pageant circuit to raise money for the house.

125 125 "Doppelganger Didi
Pepper Ann's Day Off-Kilter"
Brad Goodchild David Hemingson
Scott M. Gimple
January 9, 1999
"'Doppelganger Didi"': Pepper Ann freaks out when she sees a private schoolgirl who looks exactly like her.

"'Pepper Ann's Day Off-Kilter"': Fed up with having no sick days, Pepper Ann fakes sick, and finds that life at home is boring.

126 126 "A No Hair Day
That's My Dad"
Brad Goodchild Laura McCreary
Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchaka Khan
January 16, 1999
"'A No Hair Day"': When Craig shaves his head to be more aerodynamic for the swim team, Pepper Ann worries about whether or not she's shallow, as she's shocked to find that Craig doesn't look right bald.

"'That's My Dad"': Pepper Ann tries to learn everything about her father after Trinket remarks that Pepper Ann knows nothing about her dad since he's divorced.

Season 3 (1999–2000) American Broadcasting Company September 11, 1999 and January 22, 2000

Episodes in USA Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Directed by Written by Original air date


127 127 "You Oughta Be in Musicals!" Brad Goodchild Laura McCreary September 11, 1999
Pepper Ann auditions for a school musical in order to put some excitement in her life, but an accident knocks her unconscious and sends her to a world where every day is a musical.
128 128 "Dances with Ignorance
Girl Power"
Brad Goodchild Edward Guzelian
Madellaine Paxson
September 18, 1999
"'Dances with Ignorance"': While researching her family heritage, Pepper Ann finds out from her father that she's 1/16 Navajo Indian, but Pepper Ann's stereotypical views of American Indian culture cause her to offend the Navajo family she invited to dinner.

"'Girl Power"': Moose's favorite comic book "Tundra Woman" gets adapted into a Saturday morning cartoon, but when Tundra Woman is turned into a shallow, shopaholic girly-girl, Moose, Janie, and Lydia protest.

129 129 "Beyond Good and Evel
One of the Guys"
Brad Goodchild Scott M. Gimple
Madellaine Paxson
September 25, 1999
"'Beyond Good and Evel"': Moose starts a petition to have Evel Knievel's likeness turned into a statue for Lupkin Park, despite being turned down and ridiculed.

"'One of the Guys"': Pepper Ann worries over her femininity when she's chosen to be the football team's newest placekicker and the other guys on the team love her for being rough-and-tumble.

130 130 "The Wash-Out
Def Comedy Mom"
Brad Goodchild Laura McCreary
Sean Whalen
November 6, 1999
"'The Wash-Out"': When Gwen Mezzrow leaves school crying after being called into the principal's office, Pepper Ann accidentally starts a rumor that Gwen was sent home for having head lice.

"'Def Comedy Mom"': Lydia's witty remarks at a PTA meeting prompts her to try her hand at being a stand-up comic, but Pepper Ann is afraid Lydia will use her most embarrassing moments as comedic fodder.

131 131 "The First Date Club
Unicycle of Life"
Brad Goodchild Matthew Negrete
Mo Rocca
November 13, 1999
"'The First Date Club"': Pepper Ann starts to worry that a night out with Craig may be her first date with him.

"'Unicycle of Life"': Pepper Ann puts Milo through hell attempting to stop a rumor that she and Milo are dating.

132 132 "A Kosher Christmas" Brad Goodchild Madellaine Paxson December 18, 1999
A school assignment prompts Pepper Ann to think whether she enjoys Christmas with her father or Hanukkah with her mother.
133 133 "Effie Shrugged
Mom Knows What P.A. Did Two Nights Ago"
Brad Goodchild Scott M. Gimple January 15, 2000
"'Effie Shrugged"': Feeling neglected by Milo and Nicky, Pepper Ann befriends a gifted, overgrown elementary school student who can get P.A. anything she wants -- through brute force.

"'Mom Knows What P.A. Did Two Nights Ago"': Pepper Ann tries to hide the fact that she saw an R-rated horror film from her mother, but the guilt and the scary scenes from the movie drive P.A. insane from lack of sleep.

134 134 "The Spanish Imposition
Single Unemployed Mother"
Brad Goodchild Mirith J.S. Colao January 22, 2000
"'The Spanish Imposition"': It's Elective Class Week, and Pepper Ann plans on picking Music Appreciation with Mrs. "Kick" Bach, as the class is little more than a free period with music, but when the coveted class fills up, Pepper Ann is forced to take a class that requires her to actually learn something: Spanish I.

"'Single Unemployed Mother"': Pepper Ann's mother quits her job at the sarong store at the mall after putting up with her demanding boss -- and finds that searching for work is tougher than she thought. Meanwhile, Pepper Ann does whatever she can to rake in extra money while her mom is job hunting.