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Episodes Astral Media Family Channel Canada August 23, 2004 and September 22, 2004

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101 "Pilot" Scott Winant Winnie Holzman August 23, 2004 101
As Angela Chase starts her sophomore year at Liberty High, she dyes her hair red and abandons her best friend Sharon for her outgoing new friend Rayanne. She starts reading Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl, which she greatly enjoys, feeling that she relates to Anne Frank in some ways. This episode establishes her romantic interest in Jordan Catalano. She lies to her parents that she's staying at Rayanne's; instead, she, Rayanne, and Rickie head to a club but are unable to gain access. The two girls are hit on by some guys in the parking lot; after a confrontation, a cop drives them home and Jordan Catalano notices Angela in the backseat of the police car.
102 "Dancing in the Dark" Scott Winant Winnie Holzman August 24, 2004 102
Rayanne arranges for Jordan Catalano to sell Angela a fake ID as a ruse for getting Jordan and Angela interact more. Unfortunately, Jordan bungles in his romantic approach to Angela; although this constitutes the first time the two kiss, she describes it in a later episode as a really bad kiss. Meanwhile, Patty and Graham stumble through ballroom-dancing lessons meant to spice up their marriage.
103 "Guns and Gossip" Marshall Herskovitz Justin Tanner August 25, 2004 103
After a gunshot goes off in school, Brian Krakow experiences pressure from authority figures to inform on Rickie, who is suspected of bringing the gun to school; he didn't, but he wants fellow students to think he did, believing that he will be harassed less for his bisexuality. He points out in class that firearms are not just tools of aggression; they are also often tools of defense. After Angela comforts Rickie in his car, their friendship grows stronger. The parents panic more about the gun incident than the students do. Meanwhile, Angela is dealing with a rumor that she had sex with Jordan Catalano; she discovers that the rumor originated with Brian Krakow.
104 "Father Figures" Mark Rosner Winnie Holzman August 26, 2004 104
Patty, who runs her father's printing business, must deal with him when the IRS decides to do an audit; all of her various suggestions go unheard by her unyielding father. Meanwhile, Angela gives her own father the silent treatment after accidentally seeing him with another woman. Graham gives her and Rayanne Grateful Dead tickets, but Angela scalps them, angering Rayanne, who has no father figure so appreciates her interactions with Graham. Angela hides in Brian Krakow's car to make her dad think she went to the concert, knowing he'd be disappointed to learn she didn't, but he discovers the truth and gives her the silent treatment. Eventually he asks Angela what kind of music she likes.
105 "The Zit" Victor DuBois Betsy Thomas August 30, 2004 105
The Annual Three Rivers Mother-Daughter Fashion Show is approaching. Rayanne's slut potential and Sharon's large breasts get mentioned on a Sophomore Girls List made by some jocks. Angela, who is not on the list, feels self-conscious about her small breasts and a zit on her chin and concludes that she is ugly; coincidentally, Sharon becomes self-conscious about her large breasts. Patty doesn't understand why Angela doesn't wish to participate in the fashion show until she learns of Angela's insecurities. Angela suggests that her mom do the fashion show with Danielle.
106 "The Substitute" Ellen S. Pressman Jason Katims August 31, 2004 106
An unconventional substitute teacher temporarily turns Angela's English class into a poetry-writing club that encourages students to express themselves. Controversy arises when Patty, who runs a publishing company, reads an anonymous poem titled "Haiku for Him" alluding to sexual interaction, but the substitute assuages her reservations and she agrees to publish the poem along with the rest of the submissions in the school's literary magazine called Liberty Lit. The principal, however, does not share the libertarian attitude of his students; he confiscates every copy of the magazine he can, threatens to suspend any student distributing copies, and convinces the substitute to quit. Jordan is particularly incensed: he is illiterate and was learning to read under the substitute's tutelage. Sharon is worried that her authorship of the poem will be discovered; Rayanne is worried that people will discover that it will be discovered that she didn't write it; they agree to keep the deception going, and an agentic friendship builds. Disenchanted with the substitute after learning that he abandoned his family, Angela nevertheless maintains that freedom of speech is critical and engages in civil disobedience, distributing copies of the 1994 Liberty Lit despite the prohibition. She informs her parents, who had previously encouraged her to speak up for what she believes in, that she's willing to be suspended to fight the injustice she sees, and they back her, but the principal opts to not suspend her.
107 "Why Jordan Can't Read" Mark Piznarski Liberty Godshall September 1, 2004 107
Angela and Jordan get close when she learns of his reading problem by discovering the he was unable to read a note he found that she had written about him. She speculates that he might be dyslexic, although he doubts it. After being invited to his band's practice session, she grows even closer to him when she hears his new song, "Red," which she and Rickie believe is about her, but which is actually about his car. Meanwhile, Patty might be pregnant: Graham warms to the possibility of having a son, but when they learn Patty isn't pregnant, she realizes that he's disappointed. Graham resorts to playing catch with Brian Krakow.
108 "Strangers in the House" Ron Lagomarsino Jill Gordon September 2, 2004 108
After her father has a heart attack, Sharon moves in with the Chases temporarily. Angela wants to get closer to her but doesn't know how; however, Rayanne does get closer to Sharon and drives her to the hospital. Sharon's father is about Graham's age, and the experience prompts him to think about his future and his dissatisfaction with his job. He lands a big account, but Patty fires him as a way to free him to pursue a more fulfilling career.
109 "Halloween" Mark Piznarski Jill Gordon September 6, 2004 109
Halloween rolls into Three Rivers, blurring the line between facades and realities. When Patty and Graham venture to buy costumes on Halloween day, a pirate costume and a Rapunzel costume are all they can find, but serendipitously the costumes lead them to passionate roleplaying. Danielle dresses as Angela and goes trick-or-treating with Sharon. Meanwhile, Angela dresses as a schoolgirl from the early 1960s. After learning of Nicky Driscoll, a student who died in the early '60s, she, Rayanne, and Rickie decide to break into the school on Halloween night. Brian shows up too, facilitates the break-in, and comforts the achluophobic Rayanne in the basement while Angela sees visions of Nicky Driscoll and the events leading to his death. The experience gives Angela the motivation to convince Jordan Catalano not to let his teachers define his life for him.
110 "Other People's Mothers" Claudia Weill Richard Kramer September 7, 2004 110
Rayanne, Angela, and Rickie are in the Chase kitchen. 15-year-old Rayanne is drinking a beer; to take a bite of her pickle, she hands her beer to Rickie just as Patty and Danielle enter. Rickie doesn't drink but Patty initially believes he was drinking Rayanne's beer. She chastises Angela and warns her that consumption of alcohol by any minors, family or not, will not be condoned in the Chase household. Patty also reminds Angela that she must attend a dinner party to celebrate her grandparents' anniversary. Rayanne takes Angela and Rickie to the Graff home, where Angela meets and is entranced by Amber Graff, Rayanne's laid-back hippie mom, who doesn't mind if minors drink in her home as long as they do so responsibly. Rayanne decides to throw a party and schedules it for the same night as Patty's parents' anniversary dinner; meanwhile, Patty's mother, who has been treating her like a child, is pressuring her to have the party at the Chases' instead of a restaurant and commandeers the refrigerator, frustrating Patty and Graham. On the big night, the Chases discover that Patty's father won't be at the dinner. Angela, frustrated at being required to attend a party not being attended by one of the people being celebrated, heads to Rayanne's party, where Rayanne takes ecstasy and drinks copious amounts of alcohol; the combination has an extremely adverse effect on Rayanne. Amber enters, kicks out everyone but Rayanne, Rickie, and Angela, and chastises Rayanne for the noise level, not keeping the party's guest-list small, and drinking to excess. She shows little sympathy for Rayanne's condition, which concerns Angela and Rickie. Angela finally calls Patty, who comes over and takes Rayanne to the hospital. She then invites Angela and Rickie to a "very dull" party, which both attend willingly.
111 "Life of Brian" Todd Holland Jason Katims September 8, 2004 111
This episode is told from Brian's viewpoint as the school World Happiness Dance screws up everyone's love lives, Brian gets his first erection "from actual physical contact" when new transfer student Delia touches his hand, and he asks her to the dance. Jordan won't ask Angela to the dance, so Angela asks Brian to drive her there; realizing that this is his chance to woo Angela, he cancels on Delia. Rickie develops a crush on Cory, whom Rayanne asks to the dance with her and Rickie. At the dance, Rickie thinks Cory might be hitting on him, but it's soon clear that Cory was interested in Rayanne all along. Angela gets angry at Brian for snubbing Rickie and scheming to get her alone. Brian sees Delia at the dance and tries unsuccessfully to reconcile. Jordan comes to the dance and tells Angela that he likes the way "she is." Angela, buoyed by a successful conversation with Jordan, admits she ruined Brian's night and asks him to dance; he declines.

In 1997, TV Guide ranked this episode #37 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.

112 "Self-Esteem" Michael Engler Winnie Holzman September 9, 2004 112
Jordan won't acknowledge his new relationship with Angela; Graham starts his cooking classes; and a new teacher invites Rickie to join the drama club.

In 2009, TV Guide ranked this episode #44 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.

113 "Pressure" Mark Piznarski Ellen Herman September 13, 2004 113
Angela considers sleeping with Jordan; Graham considers starting his own restaurant.
114 "On the Wagon" Jeff Perry Elizabeth Gill September 14, 2004 114
Feeling left out of Angela's life, Rayanne becomes lead singer of the Frozen Embryos. Meanwhile, Patty thinks Rayanne has started drinking again.
115 "So-Called Angels" Scott Winant Winnie Holzman & Jason Katims September 15, 2004 115
Christmas in Three Rivers finds Rickie out on the street after a fight with his abusive uncle. Aided by a mysterious homeless girl (Juliana Hatfield), Angela tries to help him which puts her at odds with Patty. Meanwhile, Brian faces Christmas alone.
116 "Resolutions" Patrick R. Norris Ellen Herman September 16, 2004 116
As the new year begins, everybody makes resolutions without intending to keep them. Rickie's home situation sends him on his own odyssey; Brian and Jordan tutor each other; and Graham considers Hallie's proposition(s).
117 "Betrayal" Mark Piznarski Jill Gordon September 20, 2004 117
Rayanne wins the starring role in the school play but loses Angela's friendship after she and Jordan get drunk and have sex in his car.
118 "Weekend" Todd Holland Adam Dooley September 21, 2004 118
Rayanne accidentally handcuffs herself to Patty and Graham's bed when Angela's parents go out of town for a weekend in this episode narrated from Danielle's perspective.
119 "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" Elodie Keene Winnie Holzman September 22, 2004 119
Everybody in Three Rivers is having weird dreams lately. Jordan, hoping to win Angela back, enlists Brian to help him say the right words, resulting in The Letter. Delia has a crush on Rickie, Patty dreams about her old beau, and Graham cooks for the investors. Rickie's odyssey and the MSCL season both conclude.